Savage Dragon on Discord!

Hey Gang! You know what’s the FUTURE!? DISCORD! Well… it seems that way anyway. What’s discord? You can chat in it like a chat room, or voice chat in it like a skype phone call. Gamers use it, but actually all SORTS of people use it! And the savage fincast’s Jim Purcell thought you might want to chat in it too! Just another great way for Savage Dragon fans to shoot the breeze about the latest issue!  Give it a go why don’t ya? 227 interview!

As with every issue, Russ Burlingame (scourge of Riverdale) interviews Erik about the latest issue! For me? It’s necessary reading! Always brings extra insight to the issue. And it’s just good fun to read an Erik interview!



If you thought “Man.. I can’t wait for Malcolm’s bitchin’ goatee to finally grow in” then yer ship has come ta port!! Looks like the interiors of 228 will have it so the COVER was updated ta have it too!!! Now the only way this can get better is if once Seeker’s true identity is revealed—that person ALSO has a goatee!

231 perspective switch up!

So people are digging 231’s crazy perspective (It’s probably the 2nd thing you notice.. first Malcolm’s getting stomped then it’s like “OH SHIT THEY’RE IN THE AIR!!!”). Erik had thought about switching it up to where it would have been printed the other way! But it was problematic for various reasons. Still it does look kinda cool right? Check it out!


HEY!!! Things are lookin’ MIGHTY PURTY over at !! I used to frequent it like CRAZY before the shop went down. Well I love the new look and …. I suppose this site is the teensiest tinsiest bit responsible for the revamp!? OH MY!!

Anyway big UP to Stefan (long long LONG time dragon fan) for taking the reigns as web master at the home site. I think it looks awesome and can’t wait to see how it evolves!

Plus he gave me a boot in the ass to NOT be so lazy about THIS site. So there ya go. 😉


Maybe I’m crazy, but it feels like this is the most upcoming covers we’ve had in a long time? Someone correct me if I’m wrong. I get that 3 of these are for 225, but still–that’s a butt ton of covers! Anyway get a load of the future here! And that cover for 224 and 225!! MIND BLOWING SHIT AHEAD! Spread the word and spread the #finthusiasm!