Dart Statue to Hit Shops February 2015

sam haze news small final versionWe’re a little late in posting this, but better late than never! Last September’s Previews catalog had a full page ad and order information for the Dart Statue by CS Moore Studios (the guys who did the Dragon bust and the She-Dragon Statue)


Image Comics and The CS Moore Studio proudly present, from the pages of Savage Dragon, Erik Larsen’s femme fatale, Dart! Magnificently sculpted by the master of the female form, Clayburn Moore, this stunningly dynamic sculpture portrays Dart in full battle pose, God sword in hand, spinning to strike with her explosive darts while one foot rests on the head of a defeated foe (Firepower). This one is not to be missed!
Item Code: SEP142309
In Shops: 2/25/2015
Suggested Retail Price: $219.00
Dart Statue

Countdown to 200: Frank Fosco Discusses the Conclusion of the Vanguard Serial

download podcast finalFrank Fosco, artist of the recent Vanguard backup (and a ton of other Savage Dragon backup stories), joined the hosts of the Savage Fincast Podcast to discuss his thoughts on Larsen’s double page spread experiment in Savage Dragon #200. In addition, Fosco and the Fincasters discuss his newest Vanguard backup serial. The interview with Fosco was captivating as he dropped lots of hints as of what to expect on the super-sized conclusion of the Vangaurd serial in Savage Dragon #200!

Be on the look out for episode 34 of the Savage Fincast (www.savagefincast.com) featuring Frank Fosco, soon to be released to the masses!


Joe Keatinge Discusses the Savage Dragon Series

download podcast finalThe Hyphen-Tanner Comics Podcast recently welcomed comics scribe, Joe Keatinge (Glory, Hell Yeah, Shutter, Tech Jacket), to their podcast to have a lengthy discussion about the Savage Dragon series.

Co-host of the Hyphen-Tanner Comics Podcast,Tyler Chin Tanner, summarizes the podcast:

Ryan (the other host) and I continue our summer reading series as Joe Keatinge joins us to discuss Savage Dragon by Erik Larsen. Ryan and Joe are die-hard fans and have read the series consistently from the beginning. I’m discussing the series from the perspective of someone who read the first miniseries back when Image first launched in 1992 and then didn’t pick up another copy until the recent “new direction” in issue #193. At the end, Ryan and Joe make a surprise announcement about their involvement in the upcoming Savage Dragon #200!

Check out the podcast episode here: http://awaveblueworld.com/podcast/

Savage Dragon #199 Reviewed: “Bold, Big, Powerful, and Full of Awesomeness”

dragon review finalThe Comic Bastards website recently posted a review of Savage Dragon #199 on their website. The reviewer stated:

“…It is bold, big, powerful, and full of awesomeness that really has to be experienced.  Seeing is believing as within these pages, Larsen has created one complete series of dual page spreads to present this comic just like he stated that he would.  All I can say from reading it and  in what Larsen himself states was 20 years in the making is that it is seriously good, well written, well placed and an epic primer to what should be a very impressive 200th Issue next month.”

“Everything about this issue pops.  It has snappy dialogue, mega action of the smash mouth variety, and some of the most impressive artistic renderings delivered by Larsen that I have seen in a long time…”

Read the entire review here: http://comicbastards.com/review-savage-dragon-199/

Countdown to 200: Burnham Posts Panels of his Backup Story

darklord preview small final versionArtist, Chris Burnham (Officer Downe, Nameless, Nixon’s Pals, and Batman Incorporated) is drawing a Mr. Glum backup story for issue 200 of Savage Dragon. Burnham recently published a few panels (below) of the story on Twitter with the following quote:

“I hope the buzz about Savage Dragon #199 is getting you super stoked for my Mr. Glum backup story in #200! Ka-ZAPPO!”


Countdown to 200: Larsen Inks Trimpe’s Pencils

darklord preview small final versionErik Larsen recently posted the image below to his Facebook page announcing:

Inking Herb Trimpe! The physical pencils were lost in the mail so I had to print out these onto boards but still–pretty awesome.

Larsen also made a few comments related to the collaboration:

This stuff FEELS like Trimpe of old to me. I know he made an effort to get modern in the ’90s which fell a bit flat. This isn’t that.

Issue 200 is another monster sized 100-pager and Herb and I are trading off backup stories. I pencilled one that he’s inking and he’s pencilled one that I’m inking.

The bad news part of this story is that the pencilled pages Herb Trimpe was sending me to ink were lost in the mail. The good news is that he made copies. I spent much of today cutting paper, turning JPEGs to bluelines, ruling borders and printing out those pages onto art boards. Now, at last–I’m inking! Hopefully, Herb doesn’t have such problems inking the pencilled pages of mine that I sent to him.


Countdown to 200: Interview with Savage Dragon Colorists, Koutsis and Toris

harry interview finalThe Comix Asylum website recently published an interview with Savage Dragon colorists, Nikos Koutsis and Mike Toris. The interview discusses their role in coloring the Savage Dragon comic as well as the backup feature that Koutsis drew in Savage Dragon #200. Check out the excerpt below:

Comix Asylum: What does it feel like to be penciling, inking and colouring a backup story in Savage Dragon #200?

Nikos Koutsis: I’m glad Savage Dragon has been part of my life for a long while and the least I could do to show my respects to Erik Larsen is to give my best shot and illustrate this backup story of his the best I can! I’m enjoying every minute and I look forward to seeing it out there!

Mike Toris: I feel blessed that I’m part of a creative team working on such a book! I’ve inked/flatted Erik’s-Nikos’ Vanguard backup story for Savage Dragon #150 and now I have the opportunity to celebrate the birth of the 200th smash issue, working on Erik and Nikos’ backup story, once again, featuring the SOS super team!

Read the entire interview here: http://comixasylum.com/artist-feature-nikos-koutsis-mike-toris/

Savage Dragon #199 Out Now!

sam haze news small final versionThis one has to be seen to be believed! Issue #199 of Savage Dragon is composed ENTIRELY of double-page spreads! ‘Nuff Said!

Comicbook Resources has previewed two of the spreads on their website: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=preview&id=24302

You can buy it at your local comic shop, or electronically via Image or Comixology. Once you do, be sure to chat it up with the community!  Here’s the cover and official pitch:COUNTDOWN TO ISSUE #200 REACHES ITS PENULTIMATE ISSUE! Malcolm Dragon tackles the deadly Demonoids! It’s an allout underworld war as the Lava Lords, Ant-Menaces, and Demonoids battle it out for world domination-and whoever wins-we lose!! The surface world is on fire and the son of the Savage Dragon is in over his head!


Larsen Channels Fletcher Hanks

sam haze news small final versionErik Larsen will be providing the packaging artwork for a Stardust action figure as part of the Amazing Heroes: Retro Style Super Hero Action Figures Kickstarter Campaign. On his Facebook page, Erik stated “I was trying to do kind of a Fletcher Hanks homage without outright copying Fletcher Hanks….the point wasn’t to become Hanks but rather to keep the character roughly on model in my style.

The artwork is featured below:

larsen stardust