Savage Fincast Podcast – Episode 7: “Genocide, Deicide, & Daxicide – Featuring Cory Hamscher”

Image Addiction and the Gutter Trash Network Presents:

Savage Fincast – Episode 7: “Genocide, Deicide, & Daxicide – Featuring Cory Hamscher”

The Savage FINcast keeps on trucking! With this episode Craig and Jim fly solo to take on the greatest challenge of their podcasting careers: INTERVIEWING SUPREME’S CORY HAMSCHER! They talk about how Cory broke into comics, discuss the influence Erik Larsen has had on his career, and break down the latest issue of SUPREME. Afterward, the opinion dividing SAVAGE DRAGON 180 demands its turn in the spotlight! What went wrong and what went oh-so right? All this in an episode so long it could halt an alien invasion!

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Now We Have A Fighting Chance…

Chicago. Oridinary cops were losing the battle. The criminal mastermind called Overlord and his Superfreaks held our city in their terrifying grip. Then a miracle happened. When I found him he had no memory of his past. I helped him find an identity and a life. Now we have a fighting chance… Now we have the Dragon!

Behold, the awesome intro to the 1995 Savage Dragon cartoon:


Image Addiction Podcast Chooses Savage Dragon as Favorite Series in 2011

During the most recent episode of the Image Addiction Podcast the hosts talk about their favorites of the year, and Savage Dragon was picked as a favorite for the second year in a row.

Erik Larsen’s Herculian one-shot was also picked as favorite one-shot of the year.

These guys know what they are talking about!

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