Spawn 266 to feature sweet “Savage Spawn” variant!

HELLO BEAUTIFUL! Check out this variant Todd McFarlane did of Erik’s Savage Dragon wearing the hell spawn! So cool! Well it’s one of (4?) variants coming for Spawn 266 it seems! I’m not one for variants NORMALLY… but.. I feel myself caving… How about you? Going for them all?


266 The End of Erik’s Spawn run!

WELL… I’m a bit saddened, but actually it’s also kinda to be expected. Much as Supreme was merely Erik’s intent to introduce a new direction and see who does what with it (though with Supreme—Uh.. not much was done with it), It seems Erik’s Spawn run was only ever really going to just kick things off in a new direction. Which.. I super dug the Satan Saga Wars and judging from the ‘human’ Spawn angle, I think it was a good new direction to push in.

To be clear–We’re STILL getting a few more issues of Spawn with Erik including his crossover with Malcom, ANT, AND SPAWN!!! So I’m thinking this run will go down as rock solid from start to finish.

Anyway from what the tale the solicitations are telling it seems like Todd is going solo like Han for 267! So we’ll see!



OH HEY! This is happening real soon! You on the east coast? Near Bean Town? Ya gotta get down to see Erik! The man can draw his ass off. It’s a sight to see. Let’s get the official copy shall we?

We are excited to welcome Image Comics co-founder and Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen for his first appearance at Boston Comic Con! Erik has been a writer, artist, and publisher in the comics industry for over 30 years having worked on Amazing Spider-Man, Wolverine, Doom Patrol, Aquaman, Fantastic Four, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and many more in addition to his creator-owned work. Currently Erik is writing and drawing Spawn alongside fellow Image co-founder Todd McFarlane. Come meet him on August 12-14th!

Tickets on-sale now:



SPAWN#266 & SAVAGE DRAGON#217 Covers!

AW YEEEEAH!!! Look what we got here! It’s the latest sneak peeks into the future of Spawn and Savage Dragon. We had seen the line work for the Spawn cover previously. Ant’s looking to make the scene in a big way with a cross over in both Spawn AND Savage Dragon!  Here’s THAT COVER:


MEANWHILE: This mysterious figure making mince meat of the treacherous trio has been CONFIRMED to be none other than the MIGHTY ONE!!! HE SHALL BE NAMED! Shall Brenda Funk appear!? OH SO MUCH TO GET STOKED FOR!!


Savage Dragon #213 on sale now!

Hey dragon fans!! Savage Dragon #213 went on sale just yesterday and it’s one of those books that will be talked about left and right. If you haven’t snagged up your copy yet make sure you visit your local comic store before this issue sells out. Or you could always buy it in digital format from the image store or comixology. And once you’ve dug in don’t forget to join in and discuss at the image forums or online at either of the two premiere Savage Dragon groups! HERE and HERE !

So what’d you think? Dart is crazy, right? Oh, and babies!


Savage Dragon, Hellboy and more in ultra crossover comic for the ages?

Whoa nellie… So here’s a crazy yarn I’ll spin for you. It seems there’s this cooky crossover comic that will only be available at like… one store on May 7th of this year and it’s gonna have a BUTT TON of characters in it including God Hates Astronauts, Officer Downe, Hellboy, Malcolm Dragon, Nameless, Molly Danger, Battle Pug, and a shit ton of others. Sigh. How much is this gonna cost after the fact?! Ah well.

Read the full scoop on it here . Seems completely insane and completely awesome.