227 interview!

As with every issue, Russ Burlingame (scourge of Riverdale) interviews Erik about the latest issue! For me? It’s necessary reading! Always brings extra insight to the issue. And it’s just good fun to read an Erik interview!


Russ Burlingame and Erik Discuss Savage Dragon #212

These happen every month whether I remember to get them up here or not, so you should really read them! It’s a fun insight into things (like who knew Erik read untranslated Manga?).

THIS MONTH: Russ and Erik talk about the ramifications of Savage Dragon #212 and the potential debut of the book’s next lead! Gooooooooooood stuff (as always).


Erik Larsen at Cartoon Museum Video!

harry interview finalThose in the know know that the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum recently hosted a night with Erik Larsen where the main man went into Savage Dragon related tales for those in attendance. So you got to see his ass kicking art AND hear the direct dirt from the dude himself. Bummed you weren’t there? Me too! Well here are some videos to ease your pain! The first one is short and sweet. Features Erik talking about Dragon’s origins (a batman ripoff!?) and the second is a longer listen going into alllll sorts of stuff. DIG IN and give it a listen!


Erik speaks up on OUTHOUSERS

harry interview finalSo there’s been much to do made about Erik’s statements on twitter regarding the recent push towards more practical outfits in Marvel & DC. Of course anyone who knows him knows he’s not sexist. Much of this was overblown, internet rage. But hey!! We don’t have to say anything really. Erik says more than enough in this interview! Go read it for yourself if you have any doubts. His intent should be crystal clear by the end of the interview.


I would like to add 2 things. For some reason the discussion about the logic behind not piling on layers and comics being unrealistic seems to throw people off and is commonly cited as circular logic. All Erik’s saying is that if you’re going for realism by introducing armor and layers and layers of additional clothing, that’s actual counter intuitive to reality where those things inhibit movement.

The other sentiment I see commonly stated is that he has no place commenting on design work of other artists or he’s not in touch with modern audiences. It’s sad to think that a 30+ year industry vet with thousands of pages drawn and hundreds of characters designed would be considered not qualified to offer design advice on a medium he’s worked in for decades. As for not being in touch with modern audiences, the traditional spandex super hero outfit is iconic and synonymous with super heroes. At this point it’s somewhat timeless. It’s the push towards movie based outfits that’s less proven and it’s not out of touch to say that the more time consuming designs aren’t playing to the strengths of the medium.

At any rate regardless of the creators intent (which I personally think is noble and worth applauding), the aesthetics and design sensibilities should still be open to discussion. Especially by someone who has so much experience in that regard and even more so when one takes in to consideration he’s not championing sexy outfits.. just easier to draw, more iconic outfits.

Erik Talks Savage Dragon #201 with Russ Burlingame

harry interview finalErik sits down with Russ Burlingame of to discuss the latest issue of Savage Dragon! I love these interviews. ALWAYS great insight to be gained! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL SCOOP!

Here’s a quick sample:

Obviously in-story, the sex lives of our heroes drove a lot of conversation here. Is that going to be a topic for a while?

To some extent. Once the Genie is out of the bottle there’s no putting it back. You don’t regain your virginity. Once it’s gone–it’s gone.

Countdown to 200: Interview with Savage Dragon Colorists, Koutsis and Toris

harry interview finalThe Comix Asylum website recently published an interview with Savage Dragon colorists, Nikos Koutsis and Mike Toris. The interview discusses their role in coloring the Savage Dragon comic as well as the backup feature that Koutsis drew in Savage Dragon #200. Check out the excerpt below:

Comix Asylum: What does it feel like to be penciling, inking and colouring a backup story in Savage Dragon #200?

Nikos Koutsis: I’m glad Savage Dragon has been part of my life for a long while and the least I could do to show my respects to Erik Larsen is to give my best shot and illustrate this backup story of his the best I can! I’m enjoying every minute and I look forward to seeing it out there!

Mike Toris: I feel blessed that I’m part of a creative team working on such a book! I’ve inked/flatted Erik’s-Nikos’ Vanguard backup story for Savage Dragon #150 and now I have the opportunity to celebrate the birth of the 200th smash issue, working on Erik and Nikos’ backup story, once again, featuring the SOS super team!

Read the entire interview here:

Savage Fincast Podcast – Episode 26: “Past, Present, & Future” an Interview with Erik Larsen

download podcast finalPodcast description from the website: It’s the holiday season, so we at the Savage FINcast are giving you what you want!  Craig and Jim sit down to interview the big man himself, Erik Larsen! Join us as we ring in the new year by discussing the past, present, and future of our favorite funny mag!

Listen as we discuss topics such as the “chosen one”, comic book logic, aging and killing characters, Dragon’s fin, collecting old spin-off series, anniversary issues, and Dragon’s continued role in the book. In addition, we touch upon the future, as Erik talks about what we can look forward to when Malcolm takes the lead in issue #193 and drops hints as to what we can expect from issue #200.

This time around, in addition to of our normal interview, we asked YOU, the Savage FINcast listeners, for questions to pose to Erik! Your response was tremendous and Erik did his best to satisfy your Universo-like hunger for Savage Dragon knowledge!

In addition to the interview, we attempt to keep you up-to-date with our regular  “Erik Larsen News” segment as well! As always, we would love to hear from you! Drop us a line at SAVAGEFINCAST (at) GMAIL (dot) COM to comment about the show or suggest future discussion ideas. We will most likely read your letter on the next episode.


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