Newsarama interviews Erik: “Killing your title character?”

harry interview finalSo where do you go once you kill the title character? That’s the question Newsarama asks Erik Larsen in this most recent interview. Long time readers have probably seen it coming for a long time, but it’s interesting to watch the rest of the world react as Malcolm steps up to fill in for his pops.

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Joe Keatinge Discusses his Love of Savage Dragon

harry interview finalLong time “Fin-addict” and professional comic book writer, Joe Keatinge (writer and creator of Image Comic’s Hell Yeah, editor or the Eisner-award winning Popgun anthology, writer of the critically acclaimed Glory series from Extreme Studios, and writer of the upcoming Marvel Knight’s Hulk among other things!), was recently interviewed by the Pullist blog. Keatinge names Savage Dragon as his favorite superhero and goes on to explain why. Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

Who’s your favorite superhero and why?

Savage Dragon. No contest. I’ve been reading that series on a (kind of sometimes mostly) monthly basis since the first issue dropped in 1992. The series itself is one of the most disgustingly under appreciated cartooning achievements in the last twenty years or so. The fact Larsen doesn’t get enough credit for not just the sheer amount of work, but the constant experimentation going on is really a damn shame…

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Issue 189 Q&A Interview with Russ and Erik and Gavin

harry interview finalWant more insight on issue 189? Russ Burlingame interviews Erik Larsen & Gavin Higginbotham with some Q & A regarding the Savage Dragon #189 !!

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Larsen a Guest on the “Stuff Said” Podcast

download podcast finalErik Larsen was Gregg Schigiel’s guest on the newest epidsode of the “Stuff Said” podcast. The two sit for a lengthy, two-hour conversation covering all the bases from Erik’s early years, to his fan base, his reputation as a “trouble maker”, experimentation in Savage Dragon, and much more. It’s a very entertaining listen, and the two seem to have a lot of fun with it.

You can check it out here:

StuffSaid_AlbumArt Interviews Gavin Higginbotham About Zeek

harry interview finalRuss Burlingame of  interviewed superfan-turned-Savage Dragon editor/backup writer, Gavin Higginbotham. His Zeek backup story concludes in Savage Dragon #187 which hits stands tomorrow!

Read the article here: Savage Dragon’s Gavin Higginbotham Talks His Backup Feature, Joining the Team

Savage Fincast Podcast – Episode 12: “Ant and Anniversaries” feat. Erik Larsen!

Podcast description from the website: Where does the time go? 365…ish days ago a band of intrepid Savage Dragon fans set out on a mission to talk about their favorite comic and post the results on the internet. They said they were crazy, that it couldn’t work. But… THEY. WERE. WRONG.

The Savage FINcast is one years old this month, with 14 episodes and 6 creator interviews to show for it. Not bad for a show that primarily focuses on one comic book title, eh? To celebrate their one year anniversary, Craig, Jim, and Raven reflect on old times from long ago; from the high points to the low. Then Erik Larsen returns to talk about his purchase of Mario Gully’s Ant character, the status of the Supreme comic, what Kickstarter might mean for comic creators, and what the future holds for Savage Dragon as it enters its 20th year of publication!

Being our big anniversary the team at the Savage FINcast would like to thank the following people; Eric Shonborn for advice about podcast recording techniques and sorting out hosting for the Savage FINcast. Couldn’t have done it without you buddy. Check his podcast out at Also a shout-out to the gang over at The Legion of Substitute Podcasters for the inspiration on how to conduct a podcast about a single comic franchise. We would also like to thank Chris Partin and the guys at Image Addiction for including us in their family. And of course, a big thanks to all our listeners out there in cyberlandspace. You make it all worth it!

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