Supreme 68: Larsen’s Final Issue, an “80-Page Giant”

Erik Larsen announced on Twitter today that Supreme issue 68 will be his final issue of the series. Larsen also added some details on what to expect from his final issue.

The following messages were posted on Twitter by Erik:

“After much thought I’ve decided to end my run on Supreme with issue 68 and make it an 80-page giant. I can do more cool shit that way.”

“Supreme 68 won’t be all one big story there’ll be solo stories for Squeak, Sister Supreme, Lion-Headed Supreme and Original Supreme as well”

“The idea is to fully set the stage for whatever follows. To say: this is the world–these are the players.”

“Make no mistake, I had a ball on Supreme and @robertliefeld has been extremely supportive and hands off. He’s let me run wild with it.”

“But the reality is–I have a million things of my own I want to do and I can’t do everything. Something had to give.”

Rob Liefeld also used Twitter to chime in on Erik’s plans and dropped some information that is sure to keep Cory Hamscher fans happy:

“Erik has my favorite run on Supreme to date. He informed me before Comic- con that he was finishing his run. Can’t wait for the trade!”

“Cory Hamscher is GREAT on Supreme. I would not leave him out of the picture unless he wanted to move on as well.”

We here at Dragonfan sure hope Cory Hamscher decides to stick with the book!!!