New Updates for the Supreme Comic!

Cory Hamscher recently announced on his Facebook account  that he wrapped up his stint on Supreme:

“Avengers Academy is wrapped. Supreme is wrapped. Con season is over.”

Corey also added the following image, presumably from Supreme #67:

Additionally, Erik Larsen posted the following on his Facebook account today, November 8th:

“After much consideration and a loss of forward momentum I’ve decided to keep Supreme 68 as a normal-sized issue after all. I’m flying solo. I’m writing, pencilling and inking Supreme 68. Chris Eliopoulos is lettering and it’s Steve Oliff on colors, as usual. This is my swan song.”

So in conlusion, it looks like Corey has wrapped up the art on Supreme #67 and Erik will be finishing up his run on the series with complete art chores on a normal-sized Supreme #68.

  • So this series is going to die, having gone nowhere. Typical Image.

  • Craig_O

    Erik signed up for six issues. It’s not his book and he’s completed his run. I would wait to read #68 before you judge the series as “having gone nowhere”. If anything, Erik gave closure to Moore’s run which ended abruptly without closure. There’s is nothing I’ve read yet saying the series is ending. It’s possible that a new creative team will take over. I do understand the frustration though. I wish Erik was able to do more and the series sold better.