Savage Dragon’s “Digest-Sized” Issue– Not Sold Out, But eBay Inflation Exists Anyway

sam haze news small final looks at the “limited edition” digest version of Savage Dragon #190 and the asking prices on eBay. The digest version was actually under ordered and still available through Diamond Distributors. The article looks into the situation in detail.

Excerpt from the article:

The higher price on eBay might cause some misunderstandings with fans hoping to get their hands on the issue, which was under ordered by retailers who likely had no idea how to plan for such a unique product (Larsen says that, to his knowledge, no mainstream superhero comic has printed both a standard and Digest version of the same issue in recent memory).

So what’s the real situation? Will this book be worth money? Should people be stocking up at this paltry $13 level?

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