Countdown to 200: Interview with Savage Dragon Colorists, Koutsis and Toris

harry interview finalThe Comix Asylum website recently published an interview with Savage Dragon colorists, Nikos Koutsis and Mike Toris. The interview discusses their role in coloring the Savage Dragon comic as well as the backup feature that Koutsis drew in Savage Dragon #200. Check out the excerpt below:

Comix Asylum: What does it feel like to be penciling, inking and colouring a backup story in Savage Dragon #200?

Nikos Koutsis: I’m glad Savage Dragon has been part of my life for a long while and the least I could do to show my respects to Erik Larsen is to give my best shot and illustrate this backup story of his the best I can! I’m enjoying every minute and I look forward to seeing it out there!

Mike Toris: I feel blessed that I’m part of a creative team working on such a book! I’ve inked/flatted Erik’s-Nikos’ Vanguard backup story for Savage Dragon #150 and now I have the opportunity to celebrate the birth of the 200th smash issue, working on Erik and Nikos’ backup story, once again, featuring the SOS super team!

Read the entire interview here: