New Readers: Don’t Let Dragon Intimidate You!

I know that many  potential new readers are intimidated about trying Savage Dragon for the first time due to the large number of issues (175 and counting) that have been released. It’s a well known fact that Erik Larsen has been writing, pencilling, and inking this series for almost twenty years now.  So when people refer to this and tell there is too many issues to catch up on, I say “nonsense!” Here’s why:

Did you start reading Batman, Spider-man, Iron Man, Green Lantern, or Thor at their original issue #1? Odds are that many people reading those comics today weren’t even alive (or where too young to read) when the 175th issue of most of those titles came out. They just jumped on and picked up the pieces as they went on.

Are you unable to enjoy reading Marvel or DC comics in general  because you haven’t read every issue of every comic they put out and don’t know everything about every character? Of course not! You picked up on things as you went along!

So why are people so intimidated about the number of issues of Savage Dragon that are out? Think of it this way: the sheer volume is testament to the staying power of the comic and the dedication of it’s creator!

Are you sick of investing your money on a new Marvel or DC comic book series because you like the the creative team, only to learn they are being replaced five issues later? Are you tired of reading a book for ten years only to eventually have everything you initially loved about the series retconned piece by piece with each succeeding creative team? Are you annoyed with how many times Marvel and DC make a spectacle of “killing” major characters for brief media attention, only to have the characters come back to life mere months later with a rebooted issue #1?

I know I am! That’s why Savage Dragon is the book for me. I’m certain that every month when I purchase my copy of Savage Dragon, it will be written, penciled, and inked by the same creative team. The same team that has been on the book for almost 20 years now: Erik Larsen, Erik Larsen, and Erik Larsen.

And for those of you who are still intimidated by the 175 issues of back story, check out the Savage Dragon Wiki! The Savage Dragon Wiki was created by Gavin Higginbotham and myself as a resource to help ease new readers into the amazing world of Savage Dragon. The Savage Dragon Wiki has profiles on almost every character to appear in the comic, as well as complete issue summaries for the ongoing series and related mini-series.

-Craig O.

Visit the Savage Dragon Wiki