Savage Dragon #175 is 100% Free! (Great Jump on Issue)

And the accessibility to Savage Dragon just keeps getting easier and easier. Thanks to Graphicly, you can read issue 175 in its entirety for free. It’s a great issue because Dragon learns about his past, so in a way you are getting his origin issue while also getting caught up on recent events in his life! Pass this on to friends if they aren’t reading the book. Or, if you’re reading this and haven’t tried it yourself, this is a great time to give it a shot!

The entire issue is free below.

Video Podcast Review of Savage Dragon #175 and Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies

On the latest episode of the Comics-and-More Podcast, Patrick Markfort and Dave Ferraro take a look at  Savage Dragon #175 and the anthology based on Erik Larsen’s characters in Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies. These guys really know their Dragon comics and it shows!

Check it out: Comics-and-More Podcast: Savage Dragon

Larsen Discusses Savage Dragon #175 features a monthly interview with Erik Larsen on the most recent Savage Dragon issue, conducted by Russ Burlingame and Gavin Higginbotham.

Russ and Gavin get into it with Larsen on the the milestone issue #175. There was so much to go over that the interview spilled into two parts!

Read them here: Part One and Part Two.

Check out the All-New Savage Fincast!

Check out the Savage Fincast, a new monthly podcast that celebrates all things Savage Dragon and Erik Larsen! During each episode the fincasters will review and commentate on the latest issue of Savage Dragon, latest Erik Larsen news, and whatever else tickles thier fancy..

In this special FINcast pilot episode; Nick, Craig, and Jim delve into the 175th issue of Savage Dragon! As well as talk about Erik Larsen’s recent news concerning the resurrection of Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studios.  And finally reveal in the Golden Age revival of Crack Comics 63!

Check out the Savage Fincast – Episode #0

Savage Dragon #175 on Stands Now!

Savage Dragon #175, was released on November 2nd. Larsen expanded this milestone issue to 48 pages for only $3.99! In addition to the main story, several back up stories are included featuring the cast of Savage Dragon.

An eight-page preview of this issue is featured over at IFanboy!

Solicitation description:

SAVAGE DRAGON IS BACK! Or is he? Special 48-page anniversary issue! A certain green-skinned, fin-headed freak finds himself aboard a spaceship headed for parts unknown and has to begin making sense of his new life and the new reality which surrounds him. Meanwhile on Earth, Malcolm Dragon faces his greatest challenge yet: the omnipotent OverLord! And waiting in the wings–an alien invasion! Plus: Vanguard faces–Universo?

Purchase your a digital copy at Graphicly or Comixology; or a hardcopy wherever comicbooks are sold. If it’s not on the stands, ask your shop owner to order one (use Diamond order ID:JUN110478).