Newest Episode of the Savage Fincast Podcast to feature Artist Frank Fosco!

The Savage Fincast Podcast is pleased to announce that our third episode will feature artist extrodinaire, Frank Fosco!   Fosco’s portfolio encompasses three decades of work illustrating comic books for Marvel, DC, Image and Darkhorse.  He is best known for his work as the sole penciler on the 23-issue run of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” comic from Image Comics.  Additional career highlights include work on Marvel’s “Worlds Greatest Comic Magazine”, DC’s “Robin” and “Steel”, and back up stories in Erik Larsen’s “Savage Dragon” such as “The Rock House Diner”, “Ethrian”, and the current “Vanguard” serial.  Fosco is currently illustrating  a 150-page graphic novel titled “Solaria 80,000 AD” coming soon from Arcana Studios.

The gang from the Savage Fincast will be talking to Fosco about his  body of work, how he got involved with Erik Larsen and the Savage Dragon characters, and  his future work plans. In addition to having Frank Fosco on the show, the Fincasters will be conducting their usual review of the most recent Savage Dragon issue (#178, which includes a Fosco-illustrated Vanguard back-up story), discussing Larsen-related news, and chatting about anything else that tickles their fancy!

You don’t want to miss this one! Whip out all of your old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Savage Dragon Comics and get involved by firing us off some questions to ask Frank. Then listen along this Monday with your newest issue of Savage Dragon as we go through the nitty-gritty details of the most trivial things in our favorite funny-mag as only the most obsessed Savage Dragon fan could!

You can forward any questions/comments for Frank or the Fincast gang to dragonfanblog(at)gmail(dot)com. The Savage Fincast Podcast is located at



Savage Dragon #178 is Out!

Savage Dragon #178 is now available wherever fine comic books are sold!

Solicitation description:

The war comes to earth at last! Can the combined might of Earth’s greatest heroes hope to overcome their greatest challenge ever?

Purchase your a digital copy at Graphicly or Comixology; or a hardcopy wherever comicbooks are sold. If it’s not on the stands, ask your shop owner to order one (use Diamond order ID: SEP110480).

Larsen Talks to Comic Book Resources about Savage Dragon 178, Supreme 63, and More

Comic Book Resources spoke with Erik Larsen about “Savage Dragon” and his part in the relaunch of Rob Liefeld’s “Supreme”. Erik also discusses the state of Image Comics, what books he’s currently reading, and his thoughts on the shift towards digital.

When asked about drawing from Alan Moore’s script for issue 63 for Supreme, Erik stated the following:

“[It was] absolute hell. He does not write to my strengths and there were all kinds of things he asked for which were a pain in the ass to draw — there were panels with multiple things going on in the foreground and background and I spent a lot of time combing over other issues looking for reference. It was easily the most difficult script I’ve worked from. It was torture.”

Check it out the entire interview here: