Savage Fincast #36! Don’t call her Shart!


Hey there’s a new savage fincast! why don’t you make sure to give it a listen! Jim Craig and Raven all discuss issue number two hundred and one ! In addition to the review the guys cover their highs and lows of 2014! There’s also a debut of a new segment for listeners that we know you will enjoy! So click now to listen and be sure to get back to us regarding that new segment Thanks!

The celebration may be over, but the ride never stops! It’s the Savage FINcast Episode 36! Craig, Jim, & Raven bring in the New Year right by taking a look back at all the adventures of Malcolm Dragon and Co. throughout 2014 and all the bombastic events that took place within the pages of SAVAGE DRAGON. Also they share their thoughts on Comics in general in 2014, from the highs to the very lows. Finally the trio look toward the future with Savage Dragon 201! The fallout from the milestone issue 200 continue; with Darts, Sharks, Chemicals, and sexy adventures! Oh my! And of courseVANGUARD.

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Erik Talks Savage Dragon #201 with Russ Burlingame

harry interview finalErik sits down with Russ Burlingame of to discuss the latest issue of Savage Dragon! I love these interviews. ALWAYS great insight to be gained! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL SCOOP!

Here’s a quick sample:

Obviously in-story, the sex lives of our heroes drove a lot of conversation here. Is that going to be a topic for a while?

To some extent. Once the Genie is out of the bottle there’s no putting it back. You don’t regain your virginity. Once it’s gone–it’s gone.

Savage Dragon 201 on sale!

sam haze news small final versionSavage Dragon 201 is on sale!! Can ya believe it? GET TO YOUR LOCAL STORE! BUY IT DIGITALLY!!! Whatever you do—GET YOUR SAVAGE DRAGON ON!!


Following the cataclysmic events of our awe-inspiring 200th issue, Malcolm Dragon comes face-to-face with the new head of the Vicious Circle! It’s a battle like none you’ve seen before!