Savage Dragon #211 on sale now!

Hey dragon fans!! Did you pick up your copy of Savage Dragon #211 yet? If not there’s a ton of options for you to snag a copy! We’ve got links to the image store and comixology. You can find it at your local comic shop. And once you’ve dug in don’t forget to join in and discuss at the image forums or online at either of the 2 premiere Savage Dragon groups! HERE and HERE !

So what’d you think? Crazy additions that turned a book you read back on FCBD on it’s head right? I was pretty surprised by just how fresh this book felt!!

A fantastic jump on point for new readers. Better than the FCBD counter part even!


Savage Dragon 211 news!!

The upcoming Savage Dragon 211 cover is shown here and we have a bit of news!! Those lucky enough to snag a copy on Free comic day needn’t worry that they’re about to double dip into the same story. According to Erik, there was a need to rewrite the issue to accommodate recent events as well as 6 brand new pages!! This makes the Free Comic Day issue kind of an odd, alternate reality at this point. lol. Anyway excited to see what the new stuff entails!