Savage Dragon #213 on sale now!

Hey dragon fans!! Savage Dragon #213 went on sale just yesterday and it’s one of those books that will be talked about left and right. If you haven’t snagged up your copy yet make sure you visit your local comic store before this issue sells out. Or you could always buy it in digital format from the image store or comixology. And once you’ve dug in don’t forget to join in and discuss at the image forums or online at either of the two premiere Savage Dragon groups! HERE and HERE !

So what’d you think? Dart is crazy, right? Oh, and babies!


Savage Dragon 213 cover reveal! DON’T DIE, MAXINE!!!

OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN!!! This issue is barely any months away at all!!! Fans know when a woman gives birth to a chosen one it’s typically a death sentence as the baby usually tears through them like tissue—BUT THIS IS MAXINE!! The greatest female character in Savage Dragon history and Malcolm Dragon’s lady love!! As we stand on the brink of witnessing the most likely candidate for taking over the book when Malcolm is killed or too old one thought races through every fan’s mind—DON’T DIE MAXINE!!

The tension’s killing me already…