The Next Issue Project: Crack Comics #63 on Stands Now!

The newest issue in the “Next Issue Project” Image Comics anthology series, Crack Comics #63, hit stands on November 2nd.

The Next Issue Project series was the brainchild of Erik Larsen, who has contributed multiple stories to each issue as well as edits the collections. Each issue of the Next Issue Project continues the name and number of a long discontinued golden Golden Age comic book from the 1930s and 40s, keeping the golden age book dimensions and page count, and utilizing the characters that appeared in the title. Larsen invites many well known creators to participate in each issue.

Preview five pages of Alan Weiss’ Captain Triumph story at the Captain Comics website.

Solicitation Description:

CAPTAIN TRIUMPH! THE CLOCK! SPITFIRE! MOLLY THE MODEL! ALIAS THE SPIDER! SPACE LEGION! Some of the greatest creations from yesterday brought back to life by some of the greatest creators of today! 

Fans have marveled over the years as, one by one, characters from comics’ Golden Age have been revived for a modern audience. The NEXT ISSUE PROJECT is an ongoing series that continues a classic discontinued title for a modern audience! 
All stories are complete, self-contained and cool as all hell! 

All books are Golden Age sized, but these aren’t simply an homage to Golden Age comics: They’re updated classics by modern masters for a new generation!

Continuing from Quality Comics‘ Crack Comics. Crack Comics #63 contains the following stories:

The large, golden age-sized book retails at $4.99 for a hard copy. Digital copies are $3.99. Purchase your a digital copy at Graphicly or Comixology; or a hardcopy wherever fine comic books are sold. If it’s not on the stands, ask your shop owner to order one (use Diamond order ID:OCT100451).