Savage Dragon 207 cover reveal!

sam haze news small final versionHEY O!! And the hits just keep on comin’!! Looks like Malcolm and Angel are going to Dimension XXX to smash the face of Mr. Glum and Angel in ta bits!! At least good money’s on some faces gettin’ smashed to bits. But you know.. Glum’s actually much more deadly than anyone Malcolm’s face in a way. Think! Dragon never beat him! He enslaved the world! Malcolm’s not just in another dimension–he’s way out of his league! Can’t wait to see how this one shakes out. For now I’ll just gaze into this cover and imagine an issue…


Savage Dragon #182 Cover Preview UPDATE: Now Finished Colors Too!

Is this the cover to Savage Dragon #182 ? Whatever it is, This IS the cover to Savage Dragon #182 (confirmed by Erik ..thanks, Craig!). ANYTIME Overlord shows up things are about to heat up. We don’t know at this time who is wearing the Overlord armor but from the looks of it he’s ready to dish out a heaping helping of beat down for Malcolm and Angel!! UPDATE: Erik posted the finished color version too!

Check out the inks below:

And the final color version: