Spawn #266 ON SALE NOW!

Ah it is with a heavy heart we bid a fond farewell to Spawn. Like Supreme before him, Erik’s run was epic and eventful, but all good things must come to an end. (Although the blow is softened sufficiently by the impending Ant relaunch!) ANYWAY be sure to pick up the final issue of Erik’s now legendary run on Spawn. It’s going to be a complete and total barn burner–Of that you can be sure.




Malcolm! Spawn! Ant! Oh my!

Now here’s a doozy of a trio for you!! As you know Malcolm, Spawn, and Ant have had a bit of a 3 way cross over happening across the pages of Spawn and Savage Dragon (presumably this will lead into Ant’s own series launching shortly after!). Well check out this blisteringly wicked pinup from the pages of Savage Dragon 217 (I believe). Mmm Mmm MMm. Seems like it’s going to literally go out with a bang!! Enjoy!


Savage Dragon 216 in stores NOW!!!

Ah at long last that glorious day has come—It’s time for a new Savage Dragon!!! Fresh off the heels of pounding the paste out of Dart it seems like Malcom’s taking the triplets to see grandpa in prison! Of course… you know some messed upness is on it’s way. Can’t wait to tear into this one! Also ANT!!! This baby is the meat of the Spawn Sandwhich which makes up the 3 issue Ant-Spawn-Savage Dragon mini arc!! Spread the #finthusiasm!




Oh how the days are dwindling on these sweet Spawn work in progress shots. I’ve been enjoying them. Maybe we’ll get the same thing with Ant when it launches? Speaking of the Red one herself, she’s front and center in this WIP shot. Erik says he’s shooting for a silver surfer type metallic finish rather than a liquid type look.. but I guess it could still change up last sec. Anyway–Enjoy this shot and just pretend you can smell the action! Or don’t….. sewer an’ all..


266 The End of Erik’s Spawn run!

WELL… I’m a bit saddened, but actually it’s also kinda to be expected. Much as Supreme was merely Erik’s intent to introduce a new direction and see who does what with it (though with Supreme—Uh.. not much was done with it), It seems Erik’s Spawn run was only ever really going to just kick things off in a new direction. Which.. I super dug the Satan Saga Wars and judging from the ‘human’ Spawn angle, I think it was a good new direction to push in.

To be clear–We’re STILL getting a few more issues of Spawn with Erik including his crossover with Malcom, ANT, AND SPAWN!!! So I’m thinking this run will go down as rock solid from start to finish.

Anyway from what the tale the solicitations are telling it seems like Todd is going solo like Han for 267! So we’ll see!


SPAWN#266 & SAVAGE DRAGON#217 Covers!

AW YEEEEAH!!! Look what we got here! It’s the latest sneak peeks into the future of Spawn and Savage Dragon. We had seen the line work for the Spawn cover previously. Ant’s looking to make the scene in a big way with a cross over in both Spawn AND Savage Dragon!  Here’s THAT COVER:


MEANWHILE: This mysterious figure making mince meat of the treacherous trio has been CONFIRMED to be none other than the MIGHTY ONE!!! HE SHALL BE NAMED! Shall Brenda Funk appear!? OH SO MUCH TO GET STOKED FOR!!


ANT RUINS ANOTHER PICNIC! Spawn 266 Black & White!


Well it appears the All Mighty Ant is having a 3 way team up on the cover of Spawn 266! Here we have the black and white line work so naturally when the color cover hits I’ll be sure to hip you to that!

I have to say.. If Wanda and Maxine knew Al and Malcolm were running around with such a curvy red bottomed lady they would PROBABLY not be happy!

Well.. Maxine would probably be ok with it. Menage ANT Toi!


ANT INVASION!! Spawn265 & Savage Dragon 216 COVERS!

Do you want Ant? Cause this is how we get Ant…

It would appear that Ant’s relaunch is going to begin in the pages of Savage Dragon 216 and Spawn 265!!! Here are some covers to prove it!

As you know Erik acquired the character and things have been a tiny bit silent since then. Guess we’ll be seeing her soon though! RED BUTT AND ALL!! Can’t wait. Much excited.

Let’s just pray they don’t have a picnic planned. No one likes Ant at a picnic.


Savage Fincast Podcast – Episode 12: “Ant and Anniversaries” feat. Erik Larsen!

Podcast description from the website: Where does the time go? 365…ish days ago a band of intrepid Savage Dragon fans set out on a mission to talk about their favorite comic and post the results on the internet. They said they were crazy, that it couldn’t work. But… THEY. WERE. WRONG.

The Savage FINcast is one years old this month, with 14 episodes and 6 creator interviews to show for it. Not bad for a show that primarily focuses on one comic book title, eh? To celebrate their one year anniversary, Craig, Jim, and Raven reflect on old times from long ago; from the high points to the low. Then Erik Larsen returns to talk about his purchase of Mario Gully’s Ant character, the status of the Supreme comic, what Kickstarter might mean for comic creators, and what the future holds for Savage Dragon as it enters its 20th year of publication!

Being our big anniversary the team at the Savage FINcast would like to thank the following people; Eric Shonborn for advice about podcast recording techniques and sorting out hosting for the Savage FINcast. Couldn’t have done it without you buddy. Check his podcast out at Also a shout-out to the gang over at The Legion of Substitute Podcasters for the inspiration on how to conduct a podcast about a single comic franchise. We would also like to thank Chris Partin and the guys at Image Addiction for including us in their family. And of course, a big thanks to all our listeners out there in cyberlandspace. You make it all worth it!

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Savage Fincast Podcast – Episode 11: “Who Reads Those Gossip Rags, Anyway?”

Podcast description from the website: Much like our favorite comic on the planet, the Savage FINcast is running dangerously late. Sorry ’bout that! This episode, Adam, Craig, Jim, and Raven review Savage Dragon 182 and experience a kind of zen euphoria while doing so (not as disgusting as it sounds). Graveyards! Cults! High school embarrassment! OVERLORD! This one’s got it all! In Erik Larsen-related news, the FINcasters react to the worst kept secret ever, and discuss possible creator replacements for Supreme. All this and Boom Pow Tacos! Er… we mean Vanguard!

The Savage Fincast Podcast is proud to be part of the Gutter Trash Network and the Image Addiction family of podcasts and can be found at either or