And the #spawnthusiasm continues!!! Here we see the final cover art for Spawn #260. If Al’s mission was to storm hell and save Wanda… THINGS DON’T LOOK TOO GOOD!! Anyway here’s hoping that the Maxine of Spawn manages to make it out ok. Poor Al Simmons has been through enough…he..torment.


SPAWN 261 Black & White Cover art!

HOLY HELL! Spawn Spawn Spawn.. who would have dreamed I’d be pumped for Spawn? Yet the hype remains real and palpable. Anyway Erik unleashed this blistering demon scape recently and I can’t stop staring into the cross hatch extravaganza. Hell never looked so heavenly. Color version to come as soon as it surfaces. #finthusiasm is being met with equal amounts of #spawnthusiasm


Spawn Process Shot Extravaganza!

Well if you’ve been paying attention you know that Erik and Todd are collaborating on Spawn as of 2 issues ago. Very exciting stuff. The fun bonus is seeing all the process shots on social media. Erik starts it, Todd embellishes it, and FCO takes it home. Here’s a fun little sample of the process!! Here’s hoping we get some more of this. I never get tired of it.











And as a little aside, Here we have a page from Spawn and Savage Dragon which shipped the same day and Erik used the exact same layout. It’s the kind of thing you might not notice and is done just for kicks.



Erik Larsen at Cartoon Museum Video!

harry interview finalThose in the know know that the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum recently hosted a night with Erik Larsen where the main man went into Savage Dragon related tales for those in attendance. So you got to see his ass kicking art AND hear the direct dirt from the dude himself. Bummed you weren’t there? Me too! Well here are some videos to ease your pain! The first one is short and sweet. Features Erik talking about Dragon’s origins (a batman ripoff!?) and the second is a longer listen going into alllll sorts of stuff. DIG IN and give it a listen!


Savage Dragon Art Exhibit coming soon to San Fran!

sam haze news small final versionOh my! Lucky Californians (and folks with airplane fair) are in for quite the treat soon! It looks like there’s going to be a massive exhibit of Erik’s Savage Dragon art soon at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco! It appears Erik will even be there for a signing at some point (possibly Feb. 28th)! If you can make it it’s going to be a hell of a show featuring many of Erik’s over size work which he has said “Must be seen to be believed”. Here’s some official copy but click here for the full break down including address dates and a nice round of praise from peers.

The Cartoon Art Museum presents SAVAGE DRAGON: The Art of ERIK LARSEN, celebrating the 200th issue of the celebrated Image Comics series in a retrospective from February 7 to May 31, 2015.  This exhibition features more than 40 pieces personally selected by Larsen from his archives, highlighting major events in the life of his title character over the past two decades, as well as formal experiments and some of Larsen’s favorite pieces.

A reception and booksigning with Erik Larsen is tentatively planned for February 2015.  Details will be announced soon.

2upartFor a little perspective that’s a full size standard U.S. comic size comic there (Issue 200!). Around 6.5 x 10 inches. The metal ruler across the top is 2 feet long. This is going to be a hell of a show..


Scott James art blow out!

sam haze news small final versionOH SNAP! Hey guys!!! You know Scott James. That wonderful madman behind the backups that Gavin has been bustin’ out in Savage Dragon lately? Anyways not only are their pages from his Barbaric and Ricochet back up but he’s also got some BITCHIN’ sketch covers up for sale!! GET DOWN WITH IT BEFORE IT’S GONE!!


scottjames1 scottjames2

Giant Size Kung Fu Bible Stories!

sam haze news small final versionWHOA NELLY! This thing came out of left field! A San Diego Comic Con exclusive word has it (according to our fincast’s interview with Erik himself) that you will probably be able to get yer mitts on this gorgeous collection without coming down with the con funk. Let’s get the official copy and the cover!

Edited by Erik Larsen (SAVAGE DRAGON) and Bruce Timm (Batman Adventures: Mad Love)—and just in time to take San Diego Comic-Con by storm—comes GIANT-SIZE KUNG FU BIBLE STORIES, a deluxe limited edition collection featuring the original stories of the world’s greatest cartoonists.

This treasury edition format includes seven eye-popping, mind-melting stories from Erik Larsen, Bruce Timm, Adam Warren (Empowered), Tom Scioli (GØDLAND), Ryan Ottley (INVINCIBLE), Andy Kuhn (FIREBREATHER), and Arthur Adams (Uncanny X-Men). A collection years-in-the making, readers won’t want to miss out on this amazing special collector’s issue, an Image Treasury Edition.


Savage Dragon COVERS! 198 & 199!

sam haze news small final versionOh hey there! 2 covers to report on! Why? Cause damn.. we been slackin’ and Erik hasn’t. So here we have what appears to be Malcolm getting dragged to hell on cover 198 and then 199 is him smacking up some demonoids! Or are they? Time shall tell! You never know with a Savage Dragon cover. 😉 Although it’s great to see my favorite “hotdog on a stick” employee back in action! Warms my heart!

sd198 sd199