Big Bang Comics #35: Mighty Man Pin-up

In celebration of grabbing almost the complete 35-issue run of the Image Comics’ Big Bang series in the dollar bins at the Baltimore Comic-con, I’m posting this great pin-up of Mighty Man by Andrew Sheppard from the back cover of Big Bang Comics #35:

Gary Carlson (writer/publisher of Megaton Comics, writer/co-creator of Vanguard and writer of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vol. 3) co-created Big Bang Comics as a homage to Golden and Silver Age comic books. Savage Dragon and Mighty Man have made multiple appearances in this fun throw-back series. Find out more about Big Bang Comics by visiting their website at


Erik Larsen: A Real Class Act!

If you’re a fan of his work but have never met Erik Larsen, you are missing out! I made my way out to Baltimore this past weekend to attend the annual Baltimore Comic-con and to get some more face-time with my all-time favorite funny book creator.

This is about the fifth or sixth time that I’ve met Erik and I’ve never been disappointed. Erik is a real class act that will spend time talking comics with you, sign as many comics as you bring him, and even send you off with free head sketch of your favorite character if you so desire. As I’ve done in the past, I asked Erik if I could peek at pages from the upcoming issue 182, and as always, he obliged. Erik brought photocopies of his rough layouts and went page-by-page, enthusiastically describing to me in detail what was happening.  Larsen also brought stacks of original art, and as we flipped through them, he would have fun with the fans pointing out what issues the pages originally appeared in. It was great jawing with Erik about Dragon, Supreme, and his upcoming projects. At every convention I’ve seen him at, he always seems to genuinely enjoy talking to his fans.

I can’t stress it enough: if you’ve never met Erik in person, you really need try to get out to one of the conventions he’s attending. It’s a great experience to meet him in person and get a chance to see him work his craft before your eyes. If you can’t make a convention, the next best thing is to hit up his forum where he is also pretty accessible to his fans. Either way, Erik is great to his fans and his appreciation of our support really shows!

Here’s a few pictures from the convention (click to enlarge):

Two East Coast Conventions for Larsen this Year

Erik Larsen will be attending two conventions on the east coast of the United States this year.

His first will be at the Baltimore Comic-Con in Maryland on September 8th and 9th. Tickets and more information can be obtained at the Baltimore Comic-Con website:

About a month later, Erik will be appearing at the New York Comic Con which is taking place from October 11th through the 14th.  Tickets and more information can be obtained at the New York Comic Con website: