Bleeding Cool Interviews Larsen About Supreme

Bleeding Cool conducted a brief interview with Erik Larsen at the recent Emerald City Comicon. The focus was on Erik’s work on the upcoming Supreme comic book as well as his thoughts on DC’s Before Watchmen.

Here’s an excerpt:

BC: So, how are you answering Moore’s challenge?  Are you going to take it in a new

EL: A very, very different direction because Alan’s was very much a tribute to silver age Superman comics and I’m not into that.  I mean, we have silver age Superman comics — those existed — if somebody wants to read them, they’re out there.  I didn’t feel that that’s what made Supreme unique.  The thing that made it unique was that he was Superman with a real twist in that he was kind of a dick.  I’m kind of returning to that — Supreme as an asshole.

Read the entire interview here: