The Savage Fincast Discussed in a Bleeding Cool Article

sam haze news small final versionThe comic book news and gossip website, Bleeding Cool, ran a story about the most recent episode of the Savage Fincast Podcast in which Erik Larsen was interviewed. Bleeding Cool discussed Larsen’s response to questions about the status of the infamous Image United miniseries.
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Bleeding Cool Discusses Larsen’s Tweets about Swearing in Comics

sam haze news small final versionBleeding Cool recently posted and article that discussed Erik Larsen’s recent series of tweets about swearing in comics. Check out the article and join in on the discussion.

An excerpt from the article:

Image co-founder and Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen spent some time sharing his views on cursing in comics on his twitter feed. Larsen is known for his strong opinions and speaking his mind. Here he brings up the issue that writers have to address a lot… do you use cursing, how much do you use it and how do you show it? Is it better to avoid it, black it out, use symbols or just let it fly.

What Larsen is working on this morning to bring up the topic is unknown… but it could be very interesting.

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