Mighty Man #1 from Erik and Nikos! Athenscon exclusive!

Whoa! Now here was a pleasant surprise! Fans have been clamoring for an additional glimpse at the expansive Savage Dragon cast and so here we go! Mighty Man #1 by Erik Larsen and long time colorist collaborator (and damn fine cartoonist as well) Nikos Koutsis!

While the con was initially the only way to get the comic it seems it’ll make it’s way to us in some form or another as Erik noted on facebook he was considering running it as back ups or possibly stand alone. I’d be down for a stand alone edition! Even if it was just digital only!

Anyway enjoy the full solicitation and this collection of interior pages and close ups I’ve found!



Betty Bradford is a six years old kiddo and she’s also Mighty Man’s alter ego! But she’s too young for the task and needs to be under surveillance, otherwise the city of Chicago would suffer the consequences! Savage Dragon’s son, Malcolm Dragon, with the members of the SOS team, (SPECIAL OPERATIONS STRIKEFORCE), are the ones responsible for the struggle. SuperPatriot, Barbaric, Ricochet, Horridus and more, as well as Mighty Man will knock your socks off!


OH HEY! This is happening real soon! You on the east coast? Near Bean Town? Ya gotta get down to see Erik! The man can draw his ass off. It’s a sight to see. Let’s get the official copy shall we?

We are excited to welcome Image Comics co-founder and Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen for his first appearance at Boston Comic Con! Erik has been a writer, artist, and publisher in the comics industry for over 30 years having worked on Amazing Spider-Man, Wolverine, Doom Patrol, Aquaman, Fantastic Four, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and many more in addition to his creator-owned work. Currently Erik is writing and drawing Spawn alongside fellow Image co-founder Todd McFarlane. Come meet him on August 12-14th!


Tickets on-sale now: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/boston-comic-con-2016-tickets-20477287117

FAQs: http://bostoncomiccon.com/faq


Savage Dragon, Hellboy and more in ultra crossover comic for the ages?

Whoa nellie… So here’s a crazy yarn I’ll spin for you. It seems there’s this cooky crossover comic that will only be available at like… one store on May 7th of this year and it’s gonna have a BUTT TON of characters in it including God Hates Astronauts, Officer Downe, Hellboy, Malcolm Dragon, Nameless, Molly Danger, Battle Pug, and a shit ton of others. Sigh. How much is this gonna cost after the fact?! Ah well.

Read the full scoop on it here . Seems completely insane and completely awesome.


Savage Dragon 211 news!!

The upcoming Savage Dragon 211 cover is shown here and we have a bit of news!! Those lucky enough to snag a copy on Free comic day needn’t worry that they’re about to double dip into the same story. According to Erik, there was a need to rewrite the issue to accommodate recent events as well as 6 brand new pages!! This makes the Free Comic Day issue kind of an odd, alternate reality at this point. lol. Anyway excited to see what the new stuff entails!


MOUTHFUL OF DEATH! A Dragon Tribute!

glum random FINALNow here’s a nifty treat! Polish Artist, Lukazs Mauzr has crafted a mini comic with a tribute to Fletcher Hanks and Erik Larsen tucked away! The Main character is a Fletcher Hanks creation and the panel work is pure Erik Larsen (using panel structure from dragon pages). Give it a read! It’s pulse pounding action with a super cool style! In the artists own words:

At the end of last year I’ve created a short comic book – “Mouthful of death” – which can be summed up in one sentence: one page of introduction and seven pages of cracking skulls.

At the same time my work is a tribute to the two authors – Fletcher Hanks, who’s Fantomah is a lead character in my story and – I think it’s not a big surprise – Erik Larsen! And what’s most interesting (as I think…) – each single panel in “Mouthful of Death” is based on “Savage Dragon’s” panels. I expected the work to take a week but it took over a month – the endless browsing of Larsen’s comic books (often a couple of times in a row) is to be blamed. But it was worth it and A LOT of fun.

In December 2014 I self published “MoD” in polish (PL title: “Usta pelne smierci” – http://www.alejakomiksu.com/komiks/15327/Opowiesci-niestworzone-Annual-Usta-pelne-smierci/) and now you can find it here for the first time in ENG :)

Here’s cover and first two pages. But if you want full story in handsome PDF just click here -> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15568977/Mouthful_of_death_full_online.pdf.



Savage Dragon Legacy Covers & Copy!

sam haze news small final versionBy now you know Savage Dragon Legacy # 1 is coming as a Free Comic Book Day give away! But here we have the official cover (with the new logo) and copy! As a bonus here are some of cover progressions as well as the solicitation cover that won’t be used! Let’s see what the official text says:

Savage Dragon: Legacy #1

Erik Larsen

The generational saga of Savage Dragon reaches a new milestone as Malcolm Dragon graduates high school and follows his father’s footsteps to the Chicago Police Department. Every young new officer has a lot to live up to, but for the son of a world famous figure as renowned as he is reviled, navigating the world of law enforcement is especially challenging. The cost of failure is high in a city becoming more dangerous by the day: Can Malcolm step out of his father’s shadow and become the hero Chicago needs, or is he doomed to make the same mistakes? 32pgs.

savagedragonlegacyNow for some progression shots and the original cover click any of the below:

Erik Larsen covers Wayward #1

sam haze news small final versionOOOH! So here’s a nice sight. Looks like Erik Larsen was commissioned to do an alternate cover for Wayward #1. It’s clearly got ties to Rose City Comic Con (which Erik will be in attendance for) although as of yet it’s not 100% clear how you can get your hands on this sweet cover. If we find out more you can bet we’ll pass it on! In the mean time feast on this goodness!