Savage Dragon #199 Reviewed: “Bold, Big, Powerful, and Full of Awesomeness”

dragon review finalThe Comic Bastards website recently posted a review of Savage Dragon #199 on their website. The reviewer stated:

“…It is bold, big, powerful, and full of awesomeness that really has to be experienced.  Seeing is believing as within these pages, Larsen has created one complete series of dual page spreads to present this comic just like he stated that he would.  All I can say from reading it and  in what Larsen himself states was 20 years in the making is that it is seriously good, well written, well placed and an epic primer to what should be a very impressive 200th Issue next month.”

“Everything about this issue pops.  It has snappy dialogue, mega action of the smash mouth variety, and some of the most impressive artistic renderings delivered by Larsen that I have seen in a long time…”

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