231 perspective switch up!

So people are digging 231’s crazy perspective (It’s probably the 2nd thing you notice.. first Malcolm’s getting stomped then it’s like “OH SHIT THEY’RE IN THE AIR!!!”). Erik had thought about switching it up to where it would have been printed the other way! But it was problematic for various reasons. Still it does look kinda cool right? Check it out!


Maybe I’m crazy, but it feels like this is the most upcoming covers we’ve had in a long time? Someone correct me if I’m wrong. I get that 3 of these are for 225, but still–that’s a butt ton of covers! Anyway get a load of the future here! And that cover for 224 and 225!! MIND BLOWING SHIT AHEAD! Spread the word and spread the #finthusiasm!

Savage Dragon#221 to feature mystery cover?

Well well! Intrigue and mystery! While not the deepest story it seems that Savage Dragon#221 will be featuring a surprise cover. It was solicited with previously seen artwork so there’s the proof it’s happening. The solicitation states Malcolm is taking down Bellco chemicals so no real clues there either! Savage Dragon#221 is slated to hit in March and I can’t wait to see what the secret is. 😀



Spawn 266 to feature sweet “Savage Spawn” variant!

HELLO BEAUTIFUL! Check out this variant Todd McFarlane did of Erik’s Savage Dragon wearing the hell spawn! So cool! Well it’s one of (4?) variants coming for Spawn 266 it seems! I’m not one for variants NORMALLY… but.. I feel myself caving… How about you? Going for them all?


SPAWN#266 & SAVAGE DRAGON#217 Covers!

AW YEEEEAH!!! Look what we got here! It’s the latest sneak peeks into the future of Spawn and Savage Dragon. We had seen the line work for the Spawn cover previously. Ant’s looking to make the scene in a big way with a cross over in both Spawn AND Savage Dragon!  Here’s THAT COVER:


MEANWHILE: This mysterious figure making mince meat of the treacherous trio has been CONFIRMED to be none other than the MIGHTY ONE!!! HE SHALL BE NAMED! Shall Brenda Funk appear!? OH SO MUCH TO GET STOKED FOR!!


Spawn 263 final(ish) cover art!

HEY HEY!!! Look at this! Spawnthusiasm continues here at dragonfan.net ! The final(ish) cover art for Spawn #263 has appeared. As with most of these Spawn issues, the final product tends to look a little different than the art that makes it into previews–All the same it’ll MOSTLY look like this!! Seems post Satan’s saga wars SOMEONE ain’t so super no mo! Ruh roh raggie…


SPAWN #262 Final Cover art!

HELLO THERE SPAWN#262!!! Some how your final colored artwork managed to sneak under the radar!!! Well NOT SO FAST MISTER!!! We’ve got quite a good bit of #spawnthusiasm going here lately and we’d like you to join the party. Lookin’ mighty fine, FCO! Very gorgeous. Can’t wait to crack this baby open!