And the #spawnthusiasm continues!!! Here we see the final cover art for Spawn #260. If Al’s mission was to storm hell and save Wanda… THINGS DON’T LOOK TOO GOOD!! Anyway here’s hoping that the Maxine of Spawn manages to make it out ok. Poor Al Simmons has been through enough…he..torment.


SPAWN 261 Black & White Cover art!

HOLY HELL! Spawn Spawn Spawn.. who would have dreamed I’d be pumped for Spawn? Yet the hype remains real and palpable. Anyway Erik unleashed this blistering demon scape recently and I can’t stop staring into the cross hatch extravaganza. Hell never looked so heavenly. Color version to come as soon as it surfaces. #finthusiasm is being met with equal amounts of #spawnthusiasm


Savage Dragon #215 color version!

HOT STUFF COMIN’ THROUGH!!! And here we got the … well… not FINAL colors for the cover voted “most flying babies of 2016”. Seems this one may see some changes before it’s all said and done, but it’s still lookin’ beautiful. The only significant change at this point will be the color of the back drop.. soooooo… fuck it. I’m sharing it. ENJOY!


Savage Dragon 213 cover reveal! DON’T DIE, MAXINE!!!

OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN!!! This issue is barely any months away at all!!! Fans know when a woman gives birth to a chosen one it’s typically a death sentence as the baby usually tears through them like tissue—BUT THIS IS MAXINE!! The greatest female character in Savage Dragon history and Malcolm Dragon’s lady love!! As we stand on the brink of witnessing the most likely candidate for taking over the book when Malcolm is killed or too old one thought races through every fan’s mind—DON’T DIE MAXINE!!

The tension’s killing me already…



BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!! Check out this SUPER GORGEOUS back cover to Savage Dragon 210 as done by Fightin’ Frank Fosco!!! Frank stole the show and our hearts with a back up about Power House, Flash Mercury, and Medusa leaving Chicago to fight monsters (frankensteins! Wolfmen!) around the world. We can only pray that this back cover’s an indicator that we’re in for more of that! GET PUMPED!! This piece is ALSO for sale! INTERESTED? CONTACT FRANK VIA PM.


HO HO! Now this is exciting stuff. Do you remember in March when we spoke about Lukazs Mauzr’s nifty tribute to Savage Dragon ? It was a comic experiment starring MOUTHFUL OF DEATH (love that name) and it made use of panel layouts from Dragon comics. Well seems like we’re going to see something nifty about that soon enough. 😀 Gotta say. I love Maxine, but Malcolm couldn’t look more perfectly nervous here next to MOD. Also it’s been said, but wouldn’t she make a fantastic date for Thunderhead? lol. Ya got the wrong brother MOD!