Savage Dragon #215 color version!

HOT STUFF COMIN’ THROUGH!!! And here we got the … well… not FINAL colors for the cover voted “most flying babies of 2016”. Seems this one may see some changes before it’s all said and done, but it’s still lookin’ beautiful. The only significant change at this point will be the color of the back drop.. soooooo… fuck it. I’m sharing it. ENJOY!


Dart Statue to Hit Shops February 2015

sam haze news small final versionWe’re a little late in posting this, but better late than never! Last September’s Previews catalog had a full page ad and order information for the Dart Statue by CS Moore Studios (the guys who did the Dragon bust and the She-Dragon Statue)


Image Comics and The CS Moore Studio proudly present, from the pages of Savage Dragon, Erik Larsen’s femme fatale, Dart! Magnificently sculpted by the master of the female form, Clayburn Moore, this stunningly dynamic sculpture portrays Dart in full battle pose, God sword in hand, spinning to strike with her explosive darts while one foot rests on the head of a defeated foe (Firepower). This one is not to be missed!
Item Code: SEP142309
In Shops: 2/25/2015
Suggested Retail Price: $219.00
Dart Statue

Clayburn Moore Studios is Producing a Dart Statue!

sam haze news small final versionClayburn Moore Studios, the company that brought you the Savage Dragon and She-Dragon statues are collaborating with Erik again, this time on a Dart statue.

On their Facebook page, the studio stated:

“Today’s hint about who the subject of the newest Clayburn Moore/Erik Larsen collaboration might be: It’s DART, an acrobat who throws darts at people and who possesses the God Sword which can CUT THROUGH ANYTHING!!! –okay that hint was a little bit blatant, but this figure is shaping up to have a sense of movement, charisma and of course Beauty!”

Six or seven photos of the rough sculpt can be seen at:

Dart sculpt

Dragon Fan-Weekend Art Show!

Hey Guys and Gals! One of the things I’ve been meaning to do since we started this fan blog for fin fans is to spotlight some of the terrific Savage Dragon related fan art from fans! So without further delay I’ll let the art do the talking. Yes. This is completely farmed out of the deviant art savage dragon group. I highly advise you check it out for yourself here: CLICK FOR OH SO MANY TALENTED SAVAGE DRAGON FANS    Update: Just found a Supreme pic I had to share too! It’s got super patriot! 😀

Officer Dragon by i09 (click here from this artist)

Savage Dragon by Spider Guile and colors by MarkHRoberts (click each artists name for more)

Savage dragon by Auronasia (click for more from artist)

Wilde Star by Scott James (click for more from artist)

Dart by Wagnerf (click for more from artist )

Thanks to all these awesome artists and be sure to check out the Fin Addicts Art Group for more!

BONUS: (Not from the Fin Addicts Art group .. but oh so sweet..)

Supreme and the Allies by GortAGoGo (click for more from the artist)