Image Publisher, Eric Stephenson Praises Larsen in New Blog Post

In his personal blog, Eric Stephenson, Publisher of Image Comics, wrote a great piece about Erik Larsen and his contributions to the comics medium.

Here’s a great quote from the post:

“Erik became Image’s Publisher in 2004, and Savage Dragon suffered for it. I think he only put out two issues one year, because he was so driven in his aim to make Image the best it could be. I shared an office with him for much of that time – I’d become Image’s Executive Director by then – and working alongside him was an incredible experience. Ideas poured out of him on a daily basis, and his love of comics – and creating comics – was truly a wonder to behold. If he wanted to do something, he acted on it. He spoke his mind and pissed a lot of people off, sometimes even his friends – sometimes even me. It was awesome.”

Check out the whole post here!