Countdown to 200: Larsen Inks Trimpe’s Pencils

darklord preview small final versionErik Larsen recently posted the image below to his Facebook page announcing:

Inking Herb Trimpe! The physical pencils were lost in the mail so I had to print out these onto boards but still–pretty awesome.

Larsen also made a few comments related to the collaboration:

This stuff FEELS like Trimpe of old to me. I know he made an effort to get modern in the ’90s which fell a bit flat. This isn’t that.

Issue 200 is another monster sized 100-pager and Herb and I are trading off backup stories. I pencilled one that he’s inking and he’s pencilled one that I’m inking.

The bad news part of this story is that the pencilled pages Herb Trimpe was sending me to ink were lost in the mail. The good news is that he made copies. I spent much of today cutting paper, turning JPEGs to bluelines, ruling borders and printing out those pages onto art boards. Now, at last–I’m inking! Hopefully, Herb doesn’t have such problems inking the pencilled pages of mine that I sent to him.


Larsen Channels Fletcher Hanks

sam haze news small final versionErik Larsen will be providing the packaging artwork for a Stardust action figure as part of the Amazing Heroes: Retro Style Super Hero Action Figures Kickstarter Campaign. On his Facebook page, Erik stated “I was trying to do kind of a Fletcher Hanks homage without outright copying Fletcher Hanks….the point wasn’t to become Hanks but rather to keep the character roughly on model in my style.

The artwork is featured below:

larsen stardust

The Savage Fincast Discussed in a Bleeding Cool Article

sam haze news small final versionThe comic book news and gossip website, Bleeding Cool, ran a story about the most recent episode of the Savage Fincast Podcast in which Erik Larsen was interviewed. Bleeding Cool discussed Larsen’s response to questions about the status of the infamous Image United miniseries.
You can view the article here:

Listen to the Savage Fincast Episode here:


Savage Fincast Podcast – Episode 26: “Past, Present, & Future” an Interview with Erik Larsen

download podcast finalPodcast description from the website: It’s the holiday season, so we at the Savage FINcast are giving you what you want!  Craig and Jim sit down to interview the big man himself, Erik Larsen! Join us as we ring in the new year by discussing the past, present, and future of our favorite funny mag!

Listen as we discuss topics such as the “chosen one”, comic book logic, aging and killing characters, Dragon’s fin, collecting old spin-off series, anniversary issues, and Dragon’s continued role in the book. In addition, we touch upon the future, as Erik talks about what we can look forward to when Malcolm takes the lead in issue #193 and drops hints as to what we can expect from issue #200.

This time around, in addition to of our normal interview, we asked YOU, the Savage FINcast listeners, for questions to pose to Erik! Your response was tremendous and Erik did his best to satisfy your Universo-like hunger for Savage Dragon knowledge!

In addition to the interview, we attempt to keep you up-to-date with our regular  “Erik Larsen News” segment as well! As always, we would love to hear from you! Drop us a line at SAVAGEFINCAST (at) GMAIL (dot) COM to comment about the show or suggest future discussion ideas. We will most likely read your letter on the next episode.


The Savage Fincast Podcast is proud to be part of the Gutter Trash Network and the Comic Addiction family of podcasts and can be found at either or

Savage Fincast Podcast – Episode 22: “Easy to Digest”

download podcast finalPodcast description from the website: 

LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE! The fight every Savage Dragon fan has been waiting for is here! Craig, Jim, and Raven have front row seats for brutality of Savage Dragon 190! Dragon is having a hell of a time in prison and now Mako joins the general population! You just know the blood is going to flow! All this plus two thrilling backup stories featuring monster hunting with Powerhouse and Flash Mercury, and the return of the Deadly Duo!

You could win this rare variant by sending in the correct answer to this month's trivia question!

You could win this rare variant by sending in the correct answer to this month’s trivia question!

On top of the action packed tales, the Fincast gang also has much to discuss about Erik’s latest awe-inspiring experiment: offering issue 190 in two formats, either a regular 32-page comic or a 64-page digest edition, utilizing the same sized panels in both editions! It’s a must see! Believe us when we say, if Scott McCloud ran a comics college, Larsen would be a tenured professor!

As if that wasn’t enough, we also run through the latest Erik Larsen-related news, and continue our  “Erik Larsen Trivia” segment, where we read your responses to last month’s trivia question and try to stump you with new one.  As always, we would love to hear from you! Drop us a line at SAVAGEFINCAST (at) GMAIL (dot) COM to answer our trivia question, comment about the show, or suggest future discussion ideas. We will most likely read your letter on the next episode.

For this episode’s trivia question, we giving away the hard to find Chris Giarusso variant cover to Savage Dragon #183! All you have to do is send in the correct answer and you will be entered into the drawing to win it!

01:31 – Max Damage Back Up in 191 (Erik Larsen News)
04 :50 – Cover to Savage Dragon 195 (Erik Larsen News)
08:28 – Savage Dragon 20th Anniversary Signing Event (Erik Larsen News)
09:41 – Last Episode’s Trivia Question (Trivia)
14:53 – This Episode’s Trivia Question (Trivia)
16:10 – Your Letters
22:15 – Savage Dragon 190 (Review)
01:27:12 – Powerhouse & Flash Mercury Back-Up (Review)
01:32:12 – Deadly Duo Back-Up (Review)
01:37:35 – Savage Dragon 191 (Next Episode)


Bleeding Cool Discusses Larsen’s Tweets about Swearing in Comics

sam haze news small final versionBleeding Cool recently posted and article that discussed Erik Larsen’s recent series of tweets about swearing in comics. Check out the article and join in on the discussion.

An excerpt from the article:

Image co-founder and Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen spent some time sharing his views on cursing in comics on his twitter feed. Larsen is known for his strong opinions and speaking his mind. Here he brings up the issue that writers have to address a lot… do you use cursing, how much do you use it and how do you show it? Is it better to avoid it, black it out, use symbols or just let it fly.

What Larsen is working on this morning to bring up the topic is unknown… but it could be very interesting.

Go here for the full article: Savage Dragon’s “Digest-Sized” Issue– Not Sold Out, But eBay Inflation Exists Anyway

sam haze news small final looks at the “limited edition” digest version of Savage Dragon #190 and the asking prices on eBay. The digest version was actually under ordered and still available through Diamond Distributors. The article looks into the situation in detail.

Excerpt from the article:

The higher price on eBay might cause some misunderstandings with fans hoping to get their hands on the issue, which was under ordered by retailers who likely had no idea how to plan for such a unique product (Larsen says that, to his knowledge, no mainstream superhero comic has printed both a standard and Digest version of the same issue in recent memory).

So what’s the real situation? Will this book be worth money? Should people be stocking up at this paltry $13 level?

Read the full article here:

Savage Dragon 20th Anniversary Signing Event in Oakland, CA

sam haze news small final versionPress Release:

Erik Larsen, one of the founders of Image Comics and the creator of the Savage Dragon will appear at Collectors Haven in Oakland, California to do a special signing in honor of the 20th Anniversary of the Savage Dragon’s ongoing series at Image Comics. Please join us on Saturday, August 31st from 1 -3 pm, for this very special signing as Erik will sign and talk to fans about the incredible journey from starting Image Comics to taking the Savage Dragon to issue #200 and beyond. Time permitting, Erik has agreed to do one or two commissioned pieces. Please inquire on our Facebook page at the link below for details.

Collectors Haven
374 17th Street, Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 788-4310


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