Savage Dragon #193 Covers and Solicitation!

sam haze news small final versionYOWZA! The covers for Savage Dragon #193 have rolled in and they are great! We have a fantastic new logo, Malcolm set to be the lead and an alternate cover jam between founding fathers Larsen and McFarlane! What else remains to be said? Nada! Read the solicitation and spread the word! The ultimate jump on point for new readers!

It’s the ultimate jumping on point for new readers and a bold new beginning as Malcolm Dragon takes over the title role from his famous father.
Malcolm Dragon is not your typical teenager. He lives in an apartment by himself in downtown Chicago, he’s a junior who’s just transferred to a new high school, and he’s trying his best to fill the shoes of his father, the Savage Dragon, fighting the forces of evil in the Windy City! New dangers! New adventures!
Get in on the ground level of a whole new SAVAGE DRAGON!


savagedragon193 savagedragon193alt

Issue 189 Q&A Interview with Russ and Erik and Gavin

harry interview finalWant more insight on issue 189? Russ Burlingame interviews Erik Larsen & Gavin Higginbotham with some Q & A regarding the Savage Dragon #189 !!

Check it out at


Larsen a Guest on the “Stuff Said” Podcast

download podcast finalErik Larsen was Gregg Schigiel’s guest on the newest epidsode of the “Stuff Said” podcast. The two sit for a lengthy, two-hour conversation covering all the bases from Erik’s early years, to his fan base, his reputation as a “trouble maker”, experimentation in Savage Dragon, and much more. It’s a very entertaining listen, and the two seem to have a lot of fun with it.

You can check it out here:



Savage Fincast Podcast – Episode 18: “Giant Problems”

download podcast finalPodcast description from the website: This episode Jim and Craig are joined by Adam who discusses the vast and storied history of lettering in Savage Dragon. The trio then tackle Savage Dragon #186 featuring the return of the Claw, the many mistakes of Dragon, the exit of Angel, and the next generation of the Vicious Circle!  As with every episode, we also run through the latest Erik Larsen-related news and continue the newest show segment, “Erik Larsen Trivia”, where we read your responses to last week’s trivia question and try to stump you with new one!

As always, we would love to hear from you!  Drop us a line at SAVAGEFINCAST (at) GMAIL (dot) COM to answer our trivia question, comment about the show, or suggest future discussion ideas. We will most likely read your missive on the next show!

1:19 – Exclusive Erik Larsen Print (Erik Larsen News)
3:54 – New Savage Dragon Logo for SD 193 (Erik Larsen News)
8:19 – Cover to Savage Dragon 191 (Erik Larsen News)
11:25 – Ultimate Vanguard Collection Contest Winner
17:21 – Savage Dragon Trivia (Last Week’s Answer)
24:59 – Savage Dragon Trivia (This Week’s Question)
26:14 – The History of Lettering in Savage Dragon
1:02:45 – Savage Dragon 186 (Issue Review)
1:38:00 – Wrap-Up


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Super Exclusive Savage Dragon Print Available this Weekend!

sam haze news small final version…but only if you are at the Calgary Comics Expo (  Erik Larsen will be appearing at the Jack Kirby Museum table (booths 1523-1524) and will have an exclusive Savage Dragon print (limited to 250), the proceeds of which will benefit the Kirby Museum. The print features a Jack Kirby homage based on Jack’s Captain America piece found in Jim Steranko’s History of Comics book (see below).  If you can’t make it, you can start scouring eBay on Monday!



Coming Soon: A Chat with Michel Fiffe on the Savage Fincast Podcast

download podcast finalThe Savage Fincast Podcast is pleased to announce that our 15th episode will feature comic creator, Michel Fiffe! Savage Dragon fans will recognize Michel as the editor of, and contributor to, the “Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies” series of back up stories that were featured in Savage Dragon from issue #160 to #171 and later collected as a trade with bonus stories. In addition, Michel is known fiffepreviewfor his critically acclaimed “Zegas” comic series and new monthly “COPRA” superhero comic.

Fiffe’s self-released “COPRA” comic has drawn a fair amount of buzz in the industry with multiple feature articles in Comic Book Resources, Comics Alliance, and Bleeding Cool; as well as rave reviews among the comics community in general. Equally impressive is the fact that Fiffe is a one-man army that writes, draws, colors, letters, and distributes the comic.

Join the Fincast Gang as we discuss Fiffe’s love of Savage Dragon, the creation of the Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies collection, the love of the print medium, and the development of his self-published comics. You don’t want to miss this episode! Keep your eyes peeled for it to be released shortly! In the meantime, check out what Michel’s up to and buy his comics, at his website:

The Savage Fincast Podcast is proud to be part of the Gutter Trash network and the Image Addiction family of podcasts and can be found at either or

Larsen will be a Guest at the 2013 Arizona Comic Mini Expo

sam haze news small final versionAccording to the The Arizona Comic Mini Expo (ACME) website: The Arizona Comic Mini Expo is growing in  2013 and we’re hoping to continue to make it the best Free Comic Book Day event in the southwest. We’re hosting some of the most talented artists in Arizona, alongside some special guests from around the country  in a special, one-day event, centered around the love of comic books and their art form. Exclusives, unique items and original art will on be on display May 4th at Samurai Comics in Mesa.

In addition to Erik Larsen, other special guests announced include Cory Walker, Eric Canete, Brian Augustyn, Eric M. Esquivel, Tony Parker, Jay Fotos, HI-FI Color, Ben Glendenning, Scott Godlewski, Armand Villavert, Val Hochberg and many more.

Visit the website for more information:

Savage Fincast Podcast – Episode 14: “The Supremecast”

download podcast finalPodcast description from the website: The Savage FINcast takes a break this episode to usher in the first (and final) episode of THE SAVAGE SUPREMECAST! It’s a double dose of Supreme this episode as Craig, Jim, and Raven give Erik Larsen and Cory Hamscher’s run a send off in a grand manner by reviewing the final two issues back-to-back!   Who is the Super-Hero Champion of the World? Will the depowered Supremes regain their powers? What really happened to the Supremacy? Why are ducks so awesome? So many questions, but so little time! *yeek*


00:50 – Introductions
01:25 – Erik Larsen News (Supreme Vol.1 hardcover collection)
10:30 – Erik Larsen News (Gavin Higginbotham, new Savage Dragon editor)
14:54 – Erik Larsen News (Solicitation for Savage Dragon 187)
21:04 – Supreme 67 review
01:08:45 – Supreme 68 review


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Super Fan, Gavin Higginbotham, Now Savage Dragon Editor!

sam haze news small final versionLast week, Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen tweeted that “As of Savage Dragon #184 Gavin Higginbotham will be listed as the editor–more accurately–he’s the guy who helps me keep track of s–t.”

Read the complete story over at