MOUTHFUL OF DEATH! A Dragon Tribute!

glum random FINALNow here’s a nifty treat! Polish Artist, Lukazs Mauzr has crafted a mini comic with a tribute to Fletcher Hanks and Erik Larsen tucked away! The Main character is a Fletcher Hanks creation and the panel work is pure Erik Larsen (using panel structure from dragon pages). Give it a read! It’s pulse pounding action with a super cool style! In the artists own words:

At the end of last year I’ve created a short comic book – “Mouthful of death” – which can be summed up in one sentence: one page of introduction and seven pages of cracking skulls.

At the same time my work is a tribute to the two authors – Fletcher Hanks, who’s Fantomah is a lead character in my story and – I think it’s not a big surprise – Erik Larsen! And what’s most interesting (as I think…) – each single panel in “Mouthful of Death” is based on “Savage Dragon’s” panels. I expected the work to take a week but it took over a month – the endless browsing of Larsen’s comic books (often a couple of times in a row) is to be blamed. But it was worth it and A LOT of fun.

In December 2014 I self published “MoD” in polish (PL title: “Usta pelne smierci” – and now you can find it here for the first time in ENG :)

Here’s cover and first two pages. But if you want full story in handsome PDF just click here ->