Maybe I’m crazy, but it feels like this is the most upcoming covers we’ve had in a long time? Someone correct me if I’m wrong. I get that 3 of these are for 225, but still–that’s a butt ton of covers! Anyway get a load of the future here! And that cover for 224 and 225!! MIND BLOWING SHIT AHEAD! Spread the word and spread the #finthusiasm!


BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!! Check out this SUPER GORGEOUS back cover to Savage Dragon 210 as done by Fightin’ Frank Fosco!!! Frank stole the show and our hearts with a back up about Power House, Flash Mercury, and Medusa leaving Chicago to fight monsters (frankensteins! Wolfmen!) around the world. We can only pray that this back cover’s an indicator that we’re in for more of that! GET PUMPED!! This piece is ALSO for sale! INTERESTED? CONTACT FRANK VIA PM.

Digital Ethrian Collection in the works & MORE!

sam haze news small final versionIt would appear that a digital Ethrian is in the works for eventual release on Comixology! And from the sounds of it this is no mere re-release of older content.. it seems like there’s going to be some major TLC for this digital collection! But there’s even more to it than that! Let’s hear it straight from series Artist FIGHTIN’ FRANK FOSCO:

We are looking into doing ETHRIAN digitally. First off there was a 46 page black and white one shot called VANGUARD, ETHEREAL WARRIORS. We want to color that story, redo the lettering and present that which leads into the 14 issue ETHRIAN backups in SAVAGE DRAGON. If this does good in digital we’ll see about collecting it all in a book. Along with all this Gary Carlson, Adam Pruett and I are putting a pitch together to see if ETHRIAN can have his own comic book in print. All new material for an ongoing series. This is still a ways from happening but it’s in the planning stages.

We may revisit the 1980’s ETHRIAN Megaton material. A redo, or reboot or a re-imagining. THAT or leave the old stuff as is and tweak it some and finish that story line. There is also an ETHRIAN story that was being worked on that predates the Megaton stories–that may see the light of day in a re-imagining.

So–we do have a wealth of material to work from it’s just a matter of us getting our ducks in a row.


Cool stuff right!? We’ll keep you posted as more info surfaces!