Erik Talks Hardcovers During a Special Edition of the Savage FINcast Podcast

Podcast description from the website:

Savage FINcast – Episode 1.5 (special edition): Erik Talks Hardcovers!

Its time for a brand new episode of The Savage FINcast! Unfortunately Jim couldn’t make it this week due to spending time with family for the holidays, but we found some people almost as interesting to take his place. First up the FINcast says hello to Gavin Higginbotham, probably thee single greatest expert on all things Savage Dragon. His expertise having lead to projects such as the Savage Dragon Companion and the Savage Dragon Wiki. Guy knows his way around a fin.

Our second guest is almost as knowlegable about Savage Dragon, seeing as he created the guy. That’s right we’ve got the one and only Erik Larsen himself to talk about the newly announced Ultiamte Hardcover collections! Craig, Adam, Gavin, and Erik also cover the Image Expo, Vanguard, Image United, Dragon’s 20th Anniversary, Image’s “brand”, the art of comic covers, FCBD 2012, drawing in coffee shops, Supreme, Dave Johnson, Bruce Timm, Gavin’s new Wiki project, Jack Kirby, and Joe Casey.

 Check It Out: