NEW SAVAGE FINCAST TIME!!! Me and Jim discuss Spawn and Savage Dragon and JUDGE DREDD?! Get ready!!! SHIT GETS REAL! LISTEN TO IT HERE NOW!

The official copy reads:

Its babies babies everywhere in the latest episode of the SAVAGE FINCAST! Jim and Raven descend into the depths of Hell itself to take a double look at SPAWN 260 and 261. Spawn is taking on the legions of the damned, while Wanda tries to protect her secret from the Devil himself. But over in the main event, SAVAGE DRAGON 212 Dragon baby mysteries abound. With Angel and Maxine are on the case! All this. plus Hack O’Hara and Funnies!

Also, this episode we present FINteresting Conversations, where you, the listener, are asked to write in with whatever questions you’d like the hosts to discus. That and fan mail! Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]!


And the #spawnthusiasm continues!!! Here we see the final cover art for Spawn #260. If Al’s mission was to storm hell and save Wanda… THINGS DON’T LOOK TOO GOOD!! Anyway here’s hoping that the Maxine of Spawn manages to make it out ok. Poor Al Simmons has been through enough…he..torment.


SPAWN 261 Black & White Cover art!

HOLY HELL! Spawn Spawn Spawn.. who would have dreamed I’d be pumped for Spawn? Yet the hype remains real and palpable. Anyway Erik unleashed this blistering demon scape recently and I can’t stop staring into the cross hatch extravaganza. Hell never looked so heavenly. Color version to come as soon as it surfaces. #finthusiasm is being met with equal amounts of #spawnthusiasm


Malcom Dragon goes to HELL in February 2014!

sam haze news small final versionOh my! This looks exciting! In February 2014 Amigo Comics will be handling the Son of Savage Dragon’s first trek into hell. And it looks like THE FIEND is hot on his and Nancy’s trail! Official copy from the Amigo comics describes the tale:

The son of the original Savage Dragon, Malcolm Dragon, is dragged to Hell by a Pig-Nun demon who arrived to Earth (Dragon’s Earth) answering the call of a High School goth chick. Malcolm is transported into that hellish dimension, where he meets Nancy… and  Lucifer. And they will meet one of the old foes of The Savage Dragon: The Entity, sent away to the pits of Hell in the famous saga “Savage Dragon vs Hell”. So, Nancy and Malcolm must rescue of Lucifer, captive of The Entity and Pig-Nun… riding a red-and-white 1958 Plymouth Fury.


Sounds awesome to me! And as if that wasn’t enough there’s some fairly ass kicking art work to surface around the project. Check it! 2 covers associated with the announcement! (click for highest quality)

In addition here’s a proposal piece by Ed Hunter (more from Ed here)