Savage Fincast Podcast – Episode 12: “Ant and Anniversaries” feat. Erik Larsen!

Podcast description from the website: Where does the time go? 365…ish days ago a band of intrepid Savage Dragon fans set out on a mission to talk about their favorite comic and post the results on the internet. They said they were crazy, that it couldn’t work. But… THEY. WERE. WRONG.

The Savage FINcast is one years old this month, with 14 episodes and 6 creator interviews to show for it. Not bad for a show that primarily focuses on one comic book title, eh? To celebrate their one year anniversary, Craig, Jim, and Raven reflect on old times from long ago; from the high points to the low. Then Erik Larsen returns to talk about his purchase of Mario Gully’s Ant character, the status of the Supreme comic, what Kickstarter might mean for comic creators, and what the future holds for Savage Dragon as it enters its 20th year of publication!

Being our big anniversary the team at the Savage FINcast would like to thank the following people; Eric Shonborn for advice about podcast recording techniques and sorting out hosting for the Savage FINcast. Couldn’t have done it without you buddy. Check his podcast out at Also a shout-out to the gang over at The Legion of Substitute Podcasters for the inspiration on how to conduct a podcast about a single comic franchise. We would also like to thank Chris Partin and the guys at Image Addiction for including us in their family. And of course, a big thanks to all our listeners out there in cyberlandspace. You make it all worth it!

The Savage Fincast Podcast is proud to be part of the Gutter Trash Network and the Image Addiction family of podcasts and can be found at either or

The Image Addiction Podcast Reviews Supreme #66

Both hosts of the Image Addiction podcast agree that Supreme is a must own comic. Listen to their most recent podcast to find out why they like it so much!

Episode description:

Image Addiciton: Episode 73:
This episode DeWayne and Mike sit down with a stack of comics and talk. They talk about SUPREME, SAGA, MONDO, BUTCHER BAKER, THE WALKING DEAD, REVIVAL, DEBRIS, and IT GIRL AND THE ATOMICS.

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Savage Fincast Podcast – Episode 6: “Savage Worlds & Mean Supremes”

Podcast description from the website:

Savage Fincast – Episode 6: “Savage Worlds & Mean Supremes”

Savage Fincast returns for its 6th episode! This time out Adam, Craig, & Jim talk about the latest issue of Supreme and the public reaction of Erik Larsen taking over writing duties from Alan Moore. Then they jump in the way-back machine to for a retro-review of Savage Dragon 81 and talk about what it was like to be reading the title when  the “This Savage World” era was in full swing.

This episode also sees the debut of the Savage FINcast on the Image Addiction podcast network! We’re glad to be a part!

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The Savage Fincast Joins the Image Addiction Family of Podcasts!

Hosts, Jim Purcell, Adam Pruett, Gavin Higginbotham, and Craig Olsen, are proud to announce that the Savage Fincast Podcast is joining the Image Addiction family of Podcasts!

The Savage Fincast is the only monthly podcast dedicated to all things Savage Dragon and Erik Larsen! A roundtable of Erik Larsen fans review the latest issues of Savage Dragon and Supreme, Erik Larsen-related news, and whatever else tickles their fancy. In addition, the Fincast gang often conducts interviews with comic book professionals, giving listeners a behind-the-scenes insight into the creative processes of their favorite comics. Past shows have included interviews with Erik Larsen (Savage Dragon, Supreme, Spider-man), Frank Fosco (TMNT, Vanguard, Ethereal), and Joe Keatinge (Glory, Hell Yeah!, Popgun).

The Savage Fincast will be joining the Image Addiction family of podcasts which includes: The Image Addiction Podcast, Avengelyne Podcast, The Process, and The Walking Dead Discussions. These podcasts along with the most recent Image Comics news and reviews can all be found at the All-New, All-Awesome Image Addiction website (, your one-stop shop for all things related to Image Comics.

So listen along to the newest Savage Fincast this Tuesday, along with your current and back issues of Savage Dragon and Supreme, as the gang goes through the nitty-gritty details of the most trivial things in their favorite funny-mags as only the most obsessed Erik Larsen fans could! The Savage Fincast can be found at, it’s sister site,; and now at!

Image Addiction Podcast Chooses Savage Dragon as Favorite Series in 2011

During the most recent episode of the Image Addiction Podcast the hosts talk about their favorites of the year, and Savage Dragon was picked as a favorite for the second year in a row.

Erik Larsen’s Herculian one-shot was also picked as favorite one-shot of the year.

These guys know what they are talking about!

You can check out the podcast here: