Savage Dragon #183 in stores now! 20th Anniversary Issue!

The new issue of Savage Dragon is in stores! Pick it up or get it digitally! And after you’ve read it please feel free to join us in the official forums! It’s a special 20th anniversary issue which unveils the secret identity of Overlord! You do NOT want to miss this issue! Cover & official copy below:

The final showdown between Overlord and Savage Dragon! This is the big one! It’s all been leading up to this! Secrets revealed – blood spilled – butts kicked! Comes with our highest possible recommendation!

Savage Dragon #175 is 100% Free! (Great Jump on Issue)

And the accessibility to Savage Dragon just keeps getting easier and easier. Thanks to Graphicly, you can read issue 175 in its entirety for free. It’s a great issue because Dragon learns about his past, so in a way you are getting his origin issue while also getting caught up on recent events in his life! Pass this on to friends if they aren’t reading the book. Or, if you’re reading this and haven’t tried it yourself, this is a great time to give it a shot!

The entire issue is free below.