Savage Dragon, Hellboy and more in ultra crossover comic for the ages?

Whoa nellie… So here’s a crazy yarn I’ll spin for you. It seems there’s this cooky crossover comic that will only be available at like… one store on May 7th of this year and it’s gonna have a BUTT TON of characters in it including God Hates Astronauts, Officer Downe, Hellboy, Malcolm Dragon, Nameless, Molly Danger, Battle Pug, and a shit ton of others. Sigh. How much is this gonna cost after the fact?! Ah well.

Read the full scoop on it here . Seems completely insane and completely awesome.


ANT RUINS ANOTHER PICNIC! Spawn 266 Black & White!


Well it appears the All Mighty Ant is having a 3 way team up on the cover of Spawn 266! Here we have the black and white line work so naturally when the color cover hits I’ll be sure to hip you to that!

I have to say.. If Wanda and Maxine knew Al and Malcolm were running around with such a curvy red bottomed lady they would PROBABLY not be happy!

Well.. Maxine would probably be ok with it. Menage ANT Toi!


Savage Dragon 211 news!!

The upcoming Savage Dragon 211 cover is shown here and we have a bit of news!! Those lucky enough to snag a copy on Free comic day needn’t worry that they’re about to double dip into the same story. According to Erik, there was a need to rewrite the issue to accommodate recent events as well as 6 brand new pages!! This makes the Free Comic Day issue kind of an odd, alternate reality at this point. lol. Anyway excited to see what the new stuff entails!


Savage Dragon 214 & Spawn 263 covers!!

Well well! Looks like we got another glimpse into the future! Here we see the finished colors (as well as the B&W artwork) for Savage Dragon 214! If you weren’t sure who that hulking mass is Malcolm’s brawling against, it’s not SMASH. It’s Tantrum!! Last we saw of Tantrum, Malcolm had (Shockingly) killed the infant that was infused in his chest! Well, our main man is blocking the center of Tantrum’s torso.. so I’ll be curious to see what’s going on there. Also here’s the B&W cover for Spawn 263. Spawn’s in his classic togs! I’m not sure if I’m right, but I gather from Spawn fans that he’s not been in these duds for a long time!!! This takes place post “satan saga wars” so I’m curious if there’s an impact from that (satan DOES kinda want the suit Al’s in at the moment.. so… does Spawn lose his outfit to Satan!?). Good stuff!!

sd214 sd214bw spawn263bw

Savage Dragon #209 and Spawn #258 on sale now!

HEY THERE!!! Great news! There’s not one, but TWO fresh issues awaiting your reading pleasure! Spawn 258 hit last week and Savage Dragon 209 hits THIS week! So head on out to your local comic shop and pick up these funny books pronto!! Spawn in particular is extremely pulse pounding action!!



Savage Dragon 213 cover reveal! DON’T DIE, MAXINE!!!

OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN!!! This issue is barely any months away at all!!! Fans know when a woman gives birth to a chosen one it’s typically a death sentence as the baby usually tears through them like tissue—BUT THIS IS MAXINE!! The greatest female character in Savage Dragon history and Malcolm Dragon’s lady love!! As we stand on the brink of witnessing the most likely candidate for taking over the book when Malcolm is killed or too old one thought races through every fan’s mind—DON’T DIE MAXINE!!

The tension’s killing me already…


Savage Dragon 207 cover reveal!

sam haze news small final versionHEY O!! And the hits just keep on comin’!! Looks like Malcolm and Angel are going to Dimension XXX to smash the face of Mr. Glum and Angel in ta bits!! At least good money’s on some faces gettin’ smashed to bits. But you know.. Glum’s actually much more deadly than anyone Malcolm’s face in a way. Think! Dragon never beat him! He enslaved the world! Malcolm’s not just in another dimension–he’s way out of his league! Can’t wait to see how this one shakes out. For now I’ll just gaze into this cover and imagine an issue…