HO HO! Now this is exciting stuff. Do you remember in March when we spoke aboutĀ Lukazs Mauzr’s nifty tribute to Savage Dragon ? It was a comic experiment starring MOUTHFUL OF DEATH (love that name) and it made use of panel layouts from Dragon comics. Well seems like we’re going to see something nifty about that soon enough. šŸ˜€ Gotta say. I love Maxine, but Malcolm couldn’t look more perfectly nervous here next to MOD. Also it’s been said, but wouldn’t she make a fantastic date for Thunderhead? lol. Ya got the wrong brother MOD!


MOUTHFUL OF DEATH! A Dragon Tribute!

glum random FINALNow here’s a nifty treat! Polish Artist, Lukazs Mauzr has crafted a mini comic with a tribute to Fletcher Hanks and Erik Larsen tucked away! The Main character is a Fletcher Hanks creation and the panel work is pure Erik Larsen (using panel structure from dragon pages). Give it a read! It’s pulse pounding action with a super cool style! In the artists own words:

At the end of last year I’ve created a short comic book – “Mouthful of death” – which can be summed up in one sentence: one page of introduction and seven pages of cracking skulls.

At the same time my work is a tribute to the two authors – Fletcher Hanks, who’s Fantomah is a lead character in my story and – I think it’s not a big surprise – Erik Larsen! And what’s most interesting (as I think…) – each single panel in “Mouthful of Death” is based on “Savage Dragon’s” panels. I expected the work to take a week but it took over a month – the endless browsing of Larsen’s comic books (often a couple of times in a row) is to be blamed. But it was worth it and A LOT of fun.

In December 2014 I self published “MoD” in polish (PL title: “Usta pelne smierci” – and now you can find it here for the first time in ENG :)

Here’s cover and first two pages. But if you want full story in handsome PDF just click here ->