To celebrate the final installment of the 12-part Vanguard backup serial in the pages of Savage Dragon, and in honor of having Vanguard co-creator and writer Gary Carlson as a guest on the Savage Fincast Podcast, we are conducting our first ever promotional contest — and it’s a WHOPPER!


One lucky winner will receive the following comics:

  • Savage Dragon #2 (flipbook with Vanguard #0)
  • Vanguard #1-6
  • Vanguard: Strange Visitors #1-4
  • Vanguard: Ethereal Warriors #1
  • Savage Dragon #172-184 (Featuring the recent 12-part Vanguard serial in its entirety!

And–as an added BONUS:

  • Savage Dragon Archives #3-4 (reprinting Vanguard’s early adventures from Megaton #2-4!)

As for the completists out there– don’t fret! Vanguard’s very first adventure from Megaton #1 is also included, as two different color reprints, in the pages of Vanguard #1 and Savage Dragon #182.


This collection features darn near every appearance of ol’ Van outside of a handful of guest spots in TMNT, Freak Force, and Brigade. This is truly the ultimate Vanguard collection!

For a chance to win, complete the following two simple steps:

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2. Tweet the following message: Win the ultimate Vanguard comic collection (27 comics!) signed by @ErikJLarsen & Gary Carlson! Details: #SavageDragon
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One entry will be chosen at random from all of the entries received within the two week contest period (contest ends at midnight on April 6th, 2013). Odds of winning are based on the number of entries received. Contest is opened to residents of the United States and Canada only.

While you wait with anticipation, pass the time listening to our interview with Vanguard’s co-creator Gary Carlson on the latest installment of the Savage Fincast Podcast
( or! The Fincasters have a fascinating discussion with Gary about his early days of running the Megaton anthology during the early 80s and working with young upstarts such as Erik Larsen, Rob Liefeld, and Angel Medina. Learn about Gary’s years at Image Comics writing Supreme, Vanguard, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; and his creator owned line of comics, the critically acclaimed and cult classic Big Bang Comics! Lastly we talk in-depth about the latest year long Vanguard serial that sees Gary wrapping up some major plots for the character.


Larsen’s First Vanguard Story to be Colored and Reprinted in Savage Dragon #182

Erik Larsen will be reprinting his first paid professional work, a Vanguard story from 1981, in the back of Savage Dragon #182. The story was originally printed in black and white within the pages of the first issue of the comic anthology, Megaton.  Larsen used Photoshop to give the newly colored pages a vintage newsprint look.

Erik posted the entire recolored story on his message board, available here:



Megaton Comics has a Website!

I’m not sure if it’s new, but Megaton Comics has a website that showcases the characters that have graced the pages of the comic   throughout its seven-year existence. It’s a relatively small site, but cool none-the-less! Check it out at

A description of Megaton Comics from the website: 

Megaton was an independent comic book published from 1981 to 1987, and is remembered mainly because of the artists who began their comic book careers in its pages. Erik Larsen, Rob Liefeld, Angel Medina, Gordon Purcell, Butch Guice, Frank Fosco, Clarke Hawbaker, and Daniel Reed all saw their first or second published work in Megaton. Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon and Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood both debuted there, prompting Liefeld to later bestow the title “Grandfather of Image Comics” upon Megaton writer/publisher Gary Carlson.

Early Images and Unused Covers of Frank Fosco’s Ethrian

Frank Fosco, penciler of many Savage Dragon back up stories (O’ Deadly Darklord, Rock vs Zeek, the origin of Powerhouse, the Rock House Diner, Ethrian, and the current Vanguard serial) has shared some old images and more recent unused covers related to his Ethrian character (pronounced E-3-N).

Most longtime Savage Dragon readers will remember Ethrian from his Image Comics debut in the year 2000 with the one-shot, “Vanguard: Ethereal Warriors” written by Gary Carlson and illustrated by Frank Fosco. The sequel, “The Watchers of Pyrite Gorge”  recently ran as a back-up story in Savage Dragon issues 145 through 152 and 154 through 159.

Long before Ethrian was featured in Image Comics, Frank Fosco had his character first published in 1977 in a music magazine called Triad. Gary Carlson discovered Frank’s work in the pages of Triad and asked him to bring Ethian over to his Megaton comic anthology. Carlson’s Megaton anthology would go on to publish other up and coming talent such as Erik Larsen, Angel Medina, Jackson Guice, and Rob Liefield. Vanguard, Dragon, Mighty Man, Ethrian, and Youngblood all graced the pages of Megaton publications before debuting at Image Comics.

Frank has provided with an early image of Ethrian as well as images of his debut in Triad Magazine:

Frank wrote:
This was from 1973, not ’76 or ’77 as I said on the Fincast (the Savage Fincast Podcast Episode 3). The goofy thing about this is that I’m holding the pen with my right hand…I’m left handed.

From Traid Magazine:

Last, but certainly not least, Frank provided us with some of the unused covers for the Ethrian story, “The Watchers of Pyrite Gorge”, which recently ran as a back-up story in Savage Dragon but was originally planned as a mini-series:

Thanks for sharing, Frank!