Mighty Man #1 from Erik and Nikos! Athenscon exclusive!

Whoa! Now here was a pleasant surprise! Fans have been clamoring for an additional glimpse at the expansive Savage Dragon cast and so here we go! Mighty Man #1 by Erik Larsen and long time colorist collaborator (and damn fine cartoonist as well) Nikos Koutsis!

While the con was initially the only way to get the comic it seems it’ll make it’s way to us in some form or another as Erik noted on facebook he was considering running it as back ups or possibly stand alone. I’d be down for a stand alone edition! Even if it was just digital only!

Anyway enjoy the full solicitation and this collection of interior pages and close ups I’ve found!



Betty Bradford is a six years old kiddo and she’s also Mighty Man’s alter ego! But she’s too young for the task and needs to be under surveillance, otherwise the city of Chicago would suffer the consequences! Savage Dragon’s son, Malcolm Dragon, with the members of the SOS team, (SPECIAL OPERATIONS STRIKEFORCE), are the ones responsible for the struggle. SuperPatriot, Barbaric, Ricochet, Horridus and more, as well as Mighty Man will knock your socks off!