2016 Fincast T-shirt Designs!!

HEY there , Ye of the #finthusiasm ! Ready for 2016’s http://www.savagefincast.com T-shirt designs? Here they are! As recommended by Jim Purcell (co-host, co-founder of the fincast) we have “Magical Girl Maxine” and juuuuuuuuuuust in case yer not heman enough to pull of a shirt full of sailor scouts I have a back up design for you– THUNDERHEAD!! So you know the drill by now–I hope—. Listen to the savage fincast. Send in “Finteresting Conversation” topics. If you’re chosen for the month you can choose a T-shirt design and color and I’ll mail it to you. Only 1 winner per month. You may try multiple times in a year. After 2016 we retire these designs!! They will never be for sale and will never be available again! So be sure to listen and participate because once these babies are gone, they ain’t ever comin’ back. Good luck and spread the #finthusiasm !!


“Sailor Maxine”




HO HO! Now this is exciting stuff. Do you remember in March when we spoke aboutĀ Lukazs Mauzr’s nifty tribute to Savage Dragon ? It was a comic experiment starring MOUTHFUL OF DEATH (love that name) and it made use of panel layouts from Dragon comics. Well seems like we’re going to see something nifty about that soon enough. šŸ˜€ Gotta say. I love Maxine, but Malcolm couldn’t look more perfectly nervous here next to MOD. Also it’s been said, but wouldn’t she make a fantastic date for Thunderhead? lol. Ya got the wrong brother MOD!