Savage Dragon #177 is an EXCEPTIONAL Jump on Point for New Readers!

Here at Dragon we’re all about getting fresh faces on board with the greatness that is Savage Dragon. That being the case I have to take a moment to say this is a fantastic jump on point for new readers (or even folks who jumped off and newly introduced again to the book! ). So here’s why this issue is a standout for introducing folks to the book:

  • The issue has exposition that flows naturally and explains pretty much everything you need to know about every main character in the book! (Dragon, Malcolm and Angel)
  • The use of current events in the real world (Bin Laden being the obvious one.. but read it for the other) helps drive home the fact this book rolls by in real time.
  • It show cases the way Savage Dragon can tell a story that is “done in one” (in other words, this issue begins a story and ends it in a single issue) while at the same time continuing other stories that are ongoing in the book.
  • It is fun. You will laugh.
  • There’s loads of action to boot.

Do yourself a favor and show this book to a loved one or a friend. It’s a good time and may get your friends and family interested! Also if you’re here and haven’t given the book a try you can’t beat this issue!

Savage Dragon #177 on Stands Now!

Savage Dragon #177 hits stands today!

Solicitation description:

OSAMA BIN LADEN IS BACK AND HE?S OUT TO DESTROY AMERICA! America’s most wanted terrorist mastermind is back! Only this time he’s a giant mutated killer hellbent on destroying the land of the free! Malcolm Dragon and Battle Girl are in for the greatest fight of their lives but what chance does a couple of high school students have against America’s public enemy #1? Meanwhile, an alien invasion mounts and Savage Dragon is a million lightyears from home! 

Purchase your a digital copy at Graphicly or Comixology; or a hardcopy wherever comicbooks are sold. If it’s not on the stands, ask your shop owner to order one (use Diamond order ID: AUG110538).