Joe Keatinge Discusses his Love of Savage Dragon

harry interview finalLong time “Fin-addict” and professional comic book writer, Joe Keatinge (writer and creator of Image Comic’s Hell Yeah, editor or the Eisner-award winning Popgun anthology, writer of the critically acclaimed Glory series from Extreme Studios, and writer of the upcoming Marvel Knight’s Hulk among other things!), was recently interviewed by the Pullist blog. Keatinge names Savage Dragon as his favorite superhero and goes on to explain why. Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

Who’s your favorite superhero and why?

Savage Dragon. No contest. I’ve been reading that series on a (kind of sometimes mostly) monthly basis since the first issue dropped in 1992. The series itself is one of the most disgustingly under appreciated cartooning achievements in the last twenty years or so. The fact Larsen doesn’t get enough credit for not just the sheer amount of work, but the constant experimentation going on is really a damn shame…

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