Is that a Gray Hair that I Spot?

As every Savage Dragon fan knows, one of the cooler aspects of the Savage Dragon comic book is that characters age in real time. We’ve seen characters like Malcolm and Angel grow from babies into teens. On the flip side, we are also seeing characters age into their “senior” years. Take a look below on how the villain Dung has aged from his first appearance 19 years ago to now.

Dung as he originally appeared:

Dung, as he will appear in an upcoming issue:

Larsen had this to say about Dung’s aging appearance:

DUNG keeping up with the times. Not all Savage Dragon readers are aware that the comic book character Dung is based on Em Dung local legend and former KFOG morning guy.


A Twisted Vicious Circle

The Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies anthology collection featured indie cartoonists taking on the world of Savage Dragon in the tradition of Marvel’s Strange Tales or DC’s Bizzaro Comics. One of my favorite strips was from Jim Rugg and Jasen Lex. Below is Jasen Lex’s take on a bunch of Vicious Circle goons. I love how Lex’s art really showcases how utterly cool and unique Larsen’s designs are.

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