Fincast Host, Raven Perez, Brings his “Raven’s Dojo” Comic to Kickstarter

Avid Savage Dragon reader and fellow Savage Fincast podcast host, Raven Perez, is using Kickstarter to offer a print trade collection of his popular webcomic, “Raven’s Dojo”. If you listened to Episode 9 of the Savage Fincast you heard us ranting and raving about this comic! If you haven’t checked it out before, now’s your chance to make amends and jump aboard!

View the Kickstarter campaign here:

You can read the Raven’s Dojo webcomic completely free online at Raven’s

Savage Fincast Podcast – Episode 10: “Soapboxes & Street Clothes”

Podcast description from the website:

This episode FINcasters Craig, Jim, and Raven  tackle the long awaited Savage Dragon 181. They discuss Dragon’s political ambitions, Krylan religion, and the subtle art of making your son look like a jackass. In another installment of “What We’re Reading” the FINcasters get to talking about about The Hypernaturals, Big Bang Comics, and The Comic Book History of Comics. In Erik Larsen-Related News, the FINcasters react to Erik Larsen leaving Supreme and Frank Fosco’s new project GRONK. All this and Vanguard!

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