Russ Burlingame and Erik Discuss Savage Dragon #212

These happen every month whether I remember to get them up here or not, so you should really read them! It’s a fun insight into things (like who knew Erik read untranslated Manga?).

THIS MONTH: Russ and Erik talk about the ramifications of Savage Dragon #212 and the potential debut of the book’s next lead! Gooooooooooood stuff (as always).


Erik Talks Savage Dragon #201 with Russ Burlingame

harry interview finalErik sits down with Russ Burlingame of to discuss the latest issue of Savage Dragon! I love these interviews. ALWAYS great insight to be gained! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL SCOOP!

Here’s a quick sample:

Obviously in-story, the sex lives of our heroes drove a lot of conversation here. Is that going to be a topic for a while?

To some extent. Once the Genie is out of the bottle there’s no putting it back. You don’t regain your virginity. Once it’s gone–it’s gone.