Savage Dragon #202 on sale NOW!

sam haze news small final versionDon’t forget Savage Dragon#202 is on sale now! It’s going to be an all out brawl as the femme fatales of the Vicious Circle go to take out the chosen one’s son–Malcolm Dragon! Plus some other twists and turns you won’t see coming. 😉


Stripped of his lightning powers, Malcolm Dragon finds that he can no longer rely on the one thing that kept him alive! Now he faces his most fearsome challenge yet-at a time when he’s at his most vulnerable. Malcolm Dragon fights the Deadly Damsels of the Vicious Circle! Raptor! Vein! Samurai! Insect! Tigress! Volcanic! Climax! Double-Paige!



Joe Keatinge Discusses the Savage Dragon Series

download podcast finalThe Hyphen-Tanner Comics Podcast recently welcomed comics scribe, Joe Keatinge (Glory, Hell Yeah, Shutter, Tech Jacket), to their podcast to have a lengthy discussion about the Savage Dragon series.

Co-host of the Hyphen-Tanner Comics Podcast,Tyler Chin Tanner, summarizes the podcast:

Ryan (the other host) and I continue our summer reading series as Joe Keatinge joins us to discuss Savage Dragon by Erik Larsen. Ryan and Joe are die-hard fans and have read the series consistently from the beginning. I’m discussing the series from the perspective of someone who read the first miniseries back when Image first launched in 1992 and then didn’t pick up another copy until the recent “new direction” in issue #193. At the end, Ryan and Joe make a surprise announcement about their involvement in the upcoming Savage Dragon #200!

Check out the podcast episode here:

Savage Dragon Featured on the Pawn Stars Televison Show

sam haze news small final versionThe August 14th episode of the History Channel’s reality television series, Pawn Stars, featured Savage Dragon issue #193. The pawn shop employees reviewed the comic as part of their newly formed book club. The episode, titled “Bo Knows” can be watched in its entirety here:


Chris Burnham is Illustrating a Backup Story for Savage Dragon #200

sam haze news small final versionChris Burnham, most widely known for his amazing artwork on DC’s Batman, Inc., and his creator-owned series from Image Comics, Officer Downe, will be illustrating a backup story in the upcoming Savage Dragon #200! Apparently the backup will take place in Dimension X and will be written by Erik Larsen.

Click here to read the story and view the video:

You can hear Chris talk about his love of Savage Dragon an his upcoming Savage Dragon backup at the 17:00 minute mark of the video.


Savage Fincast to Feature an Interview with Scott James!

download podcast finalThe Savage Fincast is pleased to announce that episode 23 will feature an in-depth interview with creator/illustrator Scott James! Scott’s artistic talents on four(!) different Savage Dragon backup stories have allowed him the rare chance to play around with Larsen’s coolest characters! When not messing around in Erik Larsen’s toy chest, Scott’s busy creating his own worlds, including the supernatural-thriller, “The Case Files of Harlan Falk”, as well as “The Mob Files” (along with Vanguard backup artist, Frank Fosco). scott-Jamesfor-web

Scott indulges the Fincast Gang by answering their every question regarding drawing and coloring comics, working with Larsen, playing around with the Savage Dragon characters, and developing creator-owned projects among other things. It’s a great interview with tons of insight into the creative process that you won’t want to miss!

Stay tuned,an announcement will be made as soon as the episode goes live! In the meantime, visit Scott James’ blog to get a glimpse of some of his work:


Joe Keatinge Discusses his Love of Savage Dragon

harry interview finalLong time “Fin-addict” and professional comic book writer, Joe Keatinge (writer and creator of Image Comic’s Hell Yeah, editor or the Eisner-award winning Popgun anthology, writer of the critically acclaimed Glory series from Extreme Studios, and writer of the upcoming Marvel Knight’s Hulk among other things!), was recently interviewed by the Pullist blog. Keatinge names Savage Dragon as his favorite superhero and goes on to explain why. Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

Who’s your favorite superhero and why?

Savage Dragon. No contest. I’ve been reading that series on a (kind of sometimes mostly) monthly basis since the first issue dropped in 1992. The series itself is one of the most disgustingly under appreciated cartooning achievements in the last twenty years or so. The fact Larsen doesn’t get enough credit for not just the sheer amount of work, but the constant experimentation going on is really a damn shame…

Read the rest of the interview at the Pullist blog site here:

Dragon Story From 1984 To Be Printed in Color for the First Time

sam haze news small final versionA short Savage Dragon strip, originally created in 1984 for a project that fell through, will see print in color for the first time as a back-up feature in Savage Dragon #189. The strip was initially printed in black and white in Savage Dragon Archives #4 (the comic miniseries published in 1999, not the recent collected editions of the same name).

For the complete story go to


Savage Dragon #192 Solicitation: The End of the Line?

sam haze news small final versionThe solicitation and cover image for Savage Dragon issue 192 has been released, and all I can say is… wow. This one seems like it’s going to be a game changer.


32 PAGES – FC – $3.99 – T-Teen

The countdown to the biggest and most significant change for SAVAGE DRAGON continues!

The Last Walk.

For 21 years Savage Dragon has been fighting the good fight. Now, that fight comes to its end. Savage Dragon comes with our highest possible recommendation!


Savage Dragon#187 OUT NOW!

sam haze news small final versionSavage Dragon#187 is in stores now! Rush out to your local comic shop to get a copy! Or pop online to buy this issue digitally (Graphicly, Comixology) ! Once you’re done be sure to join us talking about it!

Below are the official copy and cover!


 “The Vicious Circle Rising”

A glimpse into the lives of Chicago’s notorious criminal organization. For decades the Vicious Circle has all but ruled the Windy City. Now, at last, we enter their world and see through their eyes. We see their struggles, their fears, the obstacles they face. Introducing the sons and daughters of the Vicious Circle. We see the crime family they were born to inherit and the forces who oppose them. Comes with our highest possible recommendation!