sam haze news small final versionHEY YOU! Stop what you’re doing and go get Savage Dragon #188! In stores now! Find your nearest comic shop here ! Or Buy it digitally via Comixology or Graphicly!  And once you’ve read it discuss it with us on the official forum thread!


The Claw returns! the legendary villain from the Golden Age of comics strikes again! Malcolm Dragon joins forces with the Claw’s most hated enemy–the Golden Age Daredevil in an effort to stop the notorious menace! Plus, we continue to look into the lives of the sons and daughters of Chicago’s Vicious Circle. It’s a tantalizing glimpse at the crime family they were born to inherit and the forces who oppose them.


Larsen Posts the Cover to Savage Dragon #188

sam haze news small final versionErik Larsen recently posted the cover to Savage Dragon #188 on his Facebook page. Larsen commented:

“Savage Dragon #188–another retro cover–not sure yet if I’ll beat it up like some previous retro covers.”

The logo used is in the same font as the golden-age Silver Streak comics and features the Claw, Daredevil, and Malcolm Dragon.

UPDATED: Erik posted a second version that gives the appearance of beat-up and aged golden-age comic. See below.

Which do you like better?