Countdown to 200: Frank Fosco Discusses the Conclusion of the Vanguard Serial

download podcast finalFrank Fosco, artist of the recent Vanguard backup (and a ton of other Savage Dragon backup stories), joined the hosts of the Savage Fincast Podcast to discuss his thoughts on Larsen’s double page spread experiment in Savage Dragon #200. In addition, Fosco and the Fincasters discuss his newest Vanguard backup serial. The interview with Fosco was captivating as he dropped lots of hints as of what to expect on the super-sized conclusion of the Vangaurd serial in Savage Dragon #200!

Be on the look out for episode 34 of the Savage Fincast ( featuring Frank Fosco, soon to be released to the masses!


Countdown to 200: Burnham Posts Panels of his Backup Story

darklord preview small final versionArtist, Chris Burnham (Officer Downe, Nameless, Nixon’s Pals, and Batman Incorporated) is drawing a Mr. Glum backup story for issue 200 of Savage Dragon. Burnham recently published a few panels (below) of the story on Twitter with the following quote:

“I hope the buzz about Savage Dragon #199 is getting you super stoked for my Mr. Glum backup story in #200! Ka-ZAPPO!”


Countdown to 200: Larsen Inks Trimpe’s Pencils

darklord preview small final versionErik Larsen recently posted the image below to his Facebook page announcing:

Inking Herb Trimpe! The physical pencils were lost in the mail so I had to print out these onto boards but still–pretty awesome.

Larsen also made a few comments related to the collaboration:

This stuff FEELS like Trimpe of old to me. I know he made an effort to get modern in the ’90s which fell a bit flat. This isn’t that.

Issue 200 is another monster sized 100-pager and Herb and I are trading off backup stories. I pencilled one that he’s inking and he’s pencilled one that I’m inking.

The bad news part of this story is that the pencilled pages Herb Trimpe was sending me to ink were lost in the mail. The good news is that he made copies. I spent much of today cutting paper, turning JPEGs to bluelines, ruling borders and printing out those pages onto art boards. Now, at last–I’m inking! Hopefully, Herb doesn’t have such problems inking the pencilled pages of mine that I sent to him.


Chris Burnham is Illustrating a Backup Story for Savage Dragon #200

sam haze news small final versionChris Burnham, most widely known for his amazing artwork on DC’s Batman, Inc., and his creator-owned series from Image Comics, Officer Downe, will be illustrating a backup story in the upcoming Savage Dragon #200! Apparently the backup will take place in Dimension X and will be written by Erik Larsen.

Click here to read the story and view the video:

You can hear Chris talk about his love of Savage Dragon an his upcoming Savage Dragon backup at the 17:00 minute mark of the video.


Savage Fincast Podcast – Episode 26: “Past, Present, & Future” an Interview with Erik Larsen

download podcast finalPodcast description from the website: It’s the holiday season, so we at the Savage FINcast are giving you what you want!  Craig and Jim sit down to interview the big man himself, Erik Larsen! Join us as we ring in the new year by discussing the past, present, and future of our favorite funny mag!

Listen as we discuss topics such as the “chosen one”, comic book logic, aging and killing characters, Dragon’s fin, collecting old spin-off series, anniversary issues, and Dragon’s continued role in the book. In addition, we touch upon the future, as Erik talks about what we can look forward to when Malcolm takes the lead in issue #193 and drops hints as to what we can expect from issue #200.

This time around, in addition to of our normal interview, we asked YOU, the Savage FINcast listeners, for questions to pose to Erik! Your response was tremendous and Erik did his best to satisfy your Universo-like hunger for Savage Dragon knowledge!

In addition to the interview, we attempt to keep you up-to-date with our regular  “Erik Larsen News” segment as well! As always, we would love to hear from you! Drop us a line at SAVAGEFINCAST (at) GMAIL (dot) COM to comment about the show or suggest future discussion ideas. We will most likely read your letter on the next episode.


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